Thanksgiving Countdown: Tips to make your holiday easier

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The time has come my friends! We are ready for Thanksgiving! The Countdown is done, I hope you have enjoyed it and it was helpful to you! I would love for you to leave me a quick comment letting me know what you liked, didn’t like, if it was helpful, or not! It will help me in planning what all I will share for Christmas!

I have one more tip for you that I found to be really helpful when cooking a large holiday dinner. Schedule your cooking…

  • Start with the time you are serving and work backwards
  • You will need to know how long each of the dishes you are cooking take, then schedule each for the time they need to go into the oven
  • The only snag you may have with this is if you don’t have enough room in your oven for the turkey and the dishes. In this case, you can certainly cook your turkey ahead of time, keep it covered and warm while the other dishes are cooking.

Remember, all of the 13 tips can easily be used for any holiday.

Day 1: Plan your Menu

Day 2: Gathering Supplies

Day 3: Decorating and a Free Printable Thanksgiving Banner

Day 4: How to Set a Buffet

Day 5: Table Setting and FREE Printable Place Cards

Day 6: Centerpieces

Day 7: Pies – Amaretto Peach Pie Recipe

Day 8: Cleaning your House

Day 9: Quick Breads – Cranberry Bread Recipe

Day 10: Desserts including Pies, Cakes, Breads and more

Day 11: Make Ahead Dishes

Day 12: Food Prep

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!


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