How to Build and Plant a Succulent Garden

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Succulent Gardens are becoming more popular every day and for good reason! They are some of the easiest plants you can grow, indoors or out. Succulents come in more than 20,000 varieties, such as cacti, agave and aloe to name a few. They are also very easy to care for, requiring little water and almost no maintenance. Let me show you how to build and plant a succulent garden. Read More

10 Rules Every Homeowner Should Follow When Landscaping

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Working to make our home beautiful is one of our top goals, not only the inside but the outside as well. Over the last several weeks, we have shared our problem area near the street where the grass was dead and the weeds had taken over. We installed a stone walkway and planted shade loving plants in landscape beds around the trees. Today we are wrapping it all up by installing the new sod and sharing 10 Rules Every Homeowner Should Follow When Landscaping.


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