Best Projects of 2013

Happy New Year my friends! Looking back at all of our projects that we shared in 2013 is both satisfying and a little sad. We had an amazing year, full of strength, creativity and inspiration.

We can’t begin to tell you how blessed we are to share what we love with you! Here’s a little look back at our Best Projects of 2013… 

Best Projects of 2013 on

There were many, many more projects, these are the top picks from each month.

Snowman Breakfast for the Kids ::

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

January: The Snowman Breakfast for the Kids complete with a Snowman Doughnut Building Station, Clear Glass Mugs turned into Snowman Faces and Free Printables warmed our hearts during the cold, snowy month.

Valentine's Day Craft: How to make Paper Hearts:: Instructions on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

February: So easy yet so beautiful, we learned How to make Paper Hearts and shared other Valentine’s Day Crafts with you too.

How to make a Balloon Wreath :: Full instructions on

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March: Perfect for any occasion, we learned How to make a Balloon Wreath with just a few simple supplies.

Washi Tape Wooden Birds :: Spring Craft on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

April: Washi Tape was all the rage in 2013, I hope it continues to be. These Washi Tape Wooden Birds were so fun to create, the ideas are endless.

DIY Bike Makeover ::

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

May: I was absolutely thrilled with how my bike turned out. Doug shows you the DIY Bike Makeover.

DIY Wooden Firecrackers: Summer Front Porch Decorating on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

June: We were ready for the 4th of July Holiday with these DIY Wooden Firecrackers. They made a big “bang” on the Front Porch!

Easy DIY Hula Hoop Tent  :: Instructions on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

July: With just a few supplies and a little time, we made this Easy DIY Hula Hoop Tent, great for relaxing or reading on a hot Summer day.

DIY Mobile Laundry Station :: Instructions on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

August: The Mobile Laundry Station streamlined our pile of laundry. Watch for a cool variation of this project coming soon!

How to Cover Wooden Letters :: Instructions on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

September: The different textures of these Wooden Letters makes your Fall Mantel pop! Learn How to Cover Wooden Letters

Fall Party for Kids with Woodland Creature Mask Tutorial :: Available on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

October: This Fall Party for Kids with Woodland Creature Mask Tutorial was so fun to put together. And the little Woodland Creative Masks were a huge hit!

100 days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

November: The 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration series was a HUGE hit! I can hardly wait to start sharing this September for another 100 days of Inspiration!

Christmas Mantel | Red and White Themed on

Hoosier Homemade Pinterest.100

December: We ended the year with our Red and White Themed Christmas Mantel. I’m not sure how I will top this one!

Did you have a favorite? What would you like to see more of?

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