How to make Paper Hearts

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Paper crafts are super fun to make! Learn how to make paper hearts for Valentine’s Day!

Paper Hearts

These paper hearts are perfect to hang up with Valentine’s Day decoration, add to a gift and much more! I think they would be super cute in a little girl’s bedroom!

easy to make paper hearts

All you need are a few supplies to make this fun paper craft! Let’s get started…

Supplies to make paper hearts

Paper Hearts Supplies

Cut pieces of scrapbook paper 1 inch wide

Step 1

  • Cut strips of paper, 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. Or how ever long your paper is.

10 strips of paper equal 1 heart

Step 2

  • For each heart, you will need 10 pieces of paper = 5 different patterns

Cut 1 inch from 8 of the strips of paper

Step 3

  • For the largest heart, begin with a 12 inch strip of paper.
  • Then cut each piece 1 inch shorter. You should have…
  • 2 = 12 inch strips // 2 = 11 inch strips // 2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = 9 inch strips // 2 = 8 inch strips

Use the leftover pieces to make these cute Valentine’s Day Treat Bags!

Stack pieces of paper to form heart

Step 4

  • Stack the strips of paper beginning with the shortest on the bottom and the patterns facing up toward you, into 2 piles

Punch a hole in the end of the papers

Step 5

  • Make sure the edges are lined up, and punch a hole in the end, about 1/4 inch from the edge. If your hole punch is strong enough, punch all the strips at once. If not, punch one set, then use one of the strips as a pattern to punch the other set.

Add brad through hole

Step 6

  • Now, lay the papers together with the 2 longest pieces facing together, right sides together. Making sure the holes are lined up, then attach the brad fastener.

Form heart with paper

Step 7

  • Next it’s time to form the heart shape. Bring each of the ends together until they match and punch a hole. If your hole punch isn’t strong enough to go through all 10 pieces of paper, use the hole you punched on the other side as a guide.

Finished paper heart

Step 8

  • Now, attach the brad fastener and you are ready to hang the paper hearts.

Paper Hearts on Strings

Add twine to the hearts if you want to hang them. Wrap the twine around the brad in the center and tie it off.

Paper Hearts

I made 2 different sizes, here are the sizes I used, but basically each strip needs to be 1 inch shorter…

Large Paper Hearts

2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = 9 inch strips // 2= 8 inch strips // 2 = 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips

Small Paper Hearts

2 = 8 inch strips // 2= 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips // 2 = 5 inch strips // 2 = 4 inch strips

How to make Paper Hearts

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Original paper hearts from Roots and Wings Co

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