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Summer Front Porch Decorating

You all know how I love to decorate for the holidays, and especially for Summer. The Front Porch got a little makeover this weekend. I put Doug to work on the $1 Garage Sale plastic shutter I found, and with a little paint he created the Patriotic Shutter. We shopped the house and pulled everything else together, and I have to say…it’s my favorite so far!

I know you want a closer look…let me show you!

Next to the Patriotic Shutter, I think the old tool box filled with random items is my favorite. Of course, I had to add a couple Aqua Mason Jars {my favorite for everything}, a couple of the clay pots planted with Impatiens, fabric wrapped balls, some red wooden decorations, and…

the Sparklers in the mason jar are so fun! Don’t you think?

And tucked in the back, an old garden claw, and a couple antique utensils from my kitchen.

The red Coleman Cooler, from a couple year’s ago Hoosier Cabinet, makes a come back. And some cool old lanterns too!

The wooden Firecrackers that we made many moons ago were added, another cool lantern and the red and white gingham check pillow adds the finishing touches.

To soften the edges of the Patriotic Shutter, and add to the uniqueness, I pulled apart a grapevine wreath and just draped it over the edge, tucked in a piece of burlap and added a tied piece of rope.

Want to learn how we transformed a $1 plastic shutter into the Patriotic Shutter…Doug will teach you!

Celebrate 4th of July on Hoosier Homemade!

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  1. Véronique says:

    This is so cute! The shutter is brilliant and I LOVE the old cooler. Nice job, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is so dang cute!!! I used to have one of those coolers and for some stupid reason I threw it away! I think it was because it had a handle on top that made it impossible to use it for anything else – like a table. Oh well. I have a SMALL porch and decorated it for the first time this year.. Was amazed how much I could get on it! Very nice job!

  3. Love your collection of RED! enJOYed
    Such an inspiring post!

  4. Your porch is super cute! I love the sparkers in the mason jar. I have a “stoop” but you’ve inspired me to try to decorate it despite its size. Thanks for sharing.

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