Snowman Breakfast for the Kids with Free Printables

Long, cold Winter days can be difficult to keep the kiddos busy and happy! Creating a fun Snowman Breakfast complete with Snowman Pancakes, Snowman Poop, a Snowman Doughnut Building Station and Snowman Mugs filled with White Hot Chocolate is just the ticket you need!

With just a few supplies and a couple recipes, we put together this adorable and really fun Snowman Breakfast. Even though it’s all really easy, there are a lot of different areas, so let’s break it down.

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In the middle of the table, is the Snowman Poop…cute huh? The “poop” are just Vanilla Yogurt Raisins sitting in a paper box, I made the sign and yes…I made it printable for you!

The Snowmen mugs hold White Hot Chocolate. They started out as clear mugs, found in the housewares department for under $2 and I drew the Snowman’s face on with Sharpie markers.

Our original plan was to paint the face on the inside of the glass with candy melts, but we quickly realized that the Hot Chocolate would melt the candy and it wouldn’t show. So then I tried painting the face on the outside with candy melts, and although it worked out, it was taking a super long time, and you know…I like to share quick and easy ideas that you can duplicate easily. So the Sharpie markers it was…they worked perfectly and, they do wash off, just be sure you are drawing on glass.

Grab the White Hot Chocolate Recipe

On each of the plates were Snowman Pancakes, we used the same recipe we have been using for years…Old Fashioned Homemade Pancakes. They are light and fluffy with just the right flavor. Bacon for the Snowman’s scarf, chocolate chips for the eyes, and mini Reese’s pieces for the nose and buttons. And the Snowman is sitting in mini marshmallows.

The Snowman Donuts are probably the most popular. To keep the kiddos busy, we created a Snowman Building Station

Build a Doughnut Snowman Station

  • Body – Powered donuts
  • Scarf – Fruit Roll-up
  • Nose – Orange Gumdrop
  • Eyes – Reese’s pieces
  • Mouth – Jumbo Sprinkles
  • Hat – Tootsie Rolls and Rolo Candy
  • Straws or skewers {if the children are not too young}


  1. Hat – unwrap a Tootsie Roll and heat in microwave for 5 seconds, mold with your fingers into a disk shape and immediately gently push the Rolo candy into the warm Tootsie Roll
  2. Scarf – unwrap Fruit Roll-up and cut strips for the scarf
  3. Body – gently push the powdered donuts onto the straw
  4. Face – add the gumdrop for the nose and gently push the eyes and mouth into the donut
  5. Add the hat with a small amount of corn syrup or frosting
  6. Tie the scarf around the snowman’s neck

Display everything so the kids can make their own. The sign is also printable if you are interested.

Now let’s chat about how we set the table. We found everything at Walmart, here is what we used…

Snowman Breakfast for the Kids

  • Tablecloth – I had this one, but they also have white tablecloths in the party supplies area for $.97 cents
  • Placemats – Construction paper cut in half – we found a large tablet near the crayons
  • White plastic wear – found in the party supplies area, only $.97 cents
  • Blue plates – again found in the party supplies area, only $.97 cents
  • Food including Snowman Poop – found in groceries
  • Snowman Donuts – items listed above
  • White Hot Chocolate – recipe here
  • Clear Mugs – found in housewares department
  • Sharpie Markers – found in office supplies
  • Snowman Poop and Snowman Donut Station signs – Go HERE to print them out

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