How to Organize a Chest Freezer

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If you have a chest freezer in your home, it may be a complete mess. It’s so easy to get home from the store and throw all of the frozen goods in there. One of the bad things about just throwing items in there is that food can get forgotten about. And if you’re on a budget or just want to use up the items in your fridge, forgotten about food is not a good thing. Check out some of these tips for how to organize a chest freezer. Read More

How to Organize Sprinkles

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This is the year to declutter and get organized! At the beginning of a new year, we all have great intentions of getting organized. Some do better than others and stay on track, I’ve slipped off that track the last couple of years. So this year, I’m tackling each of the rooms in our home with small projects. My baking cupboard was out of control, I tackled it and I’m sharing with you how to Organize Sprinkles.
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12 Days to an Organized Christmas

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The holidays tend to be time suckers, you love them dearly, but they truly take up tons of time. We wanted to share some tips with you, so you can save your sanity this Christmas season. There’s no point in stressing over something that can be made incredibly simple. These 12 days to an Organized Christmas will keep you on track this Christmas and help you land on both feet at the end of it all. We hope you find inspiration, a little more time, and a lot of sanity with these tips!
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Quick Recipes

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