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Simple Craft Organizing

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Little by little we have been tackling our home and our organizing projects. This simple craft organizing is working out beautifully. Are you ready to get organized? 

Tackle your craft collection and get organized with this Simple Craft Organizing project! Pin to your Organizing Board!

Moving our Living Room into the Dining Room and creating a Studio for our business was one of the best moves we made last year. All of our supplies and crafts are now contained in one room and not taking over the whole house. However, the Studio quickly became a mess with everything we had.

Ever since Doug made the Mobile Laundry Station, I have been asked for a cart with wheels to use to organize crafts, photo styling props and our camera equipment. We both knew it would help a great deal to have everything (or most everything) all in one place and also be able to move it around where we needed it. However, as it often happens, work and life gets in the way and we never got the cart built.

Fast forward a couple years to this Winter and the beginning of a new year. I knew the time that I’m stuck indoors during the Winter is the best time for me to tackle some of those organizing projects. A couple weeks ago, the sprinkles that had become out of control were organized and last week, we tackled Doug’s office space.

Next on the list were the crafts and other supplies that I use on a daily basis. We still need to tackle all the craft supplies, but that’s a huge job that will need to be worked on soon.

Craft Organizing

We are also in the process of redecorating our bedroom, so recently while I was browsing around looking for some new furniture for the bedroom, I came across this studio cart on Walmart.com. It was perfect for what we needed. It has 4 large drawers and 8 smaller drawers and comes in black, multi-colored and this silver.

Studio Organizing Cart

The organizer cart was simple to put together and is very sturdy.

Let’s me give you a peek into how we organized each drawer.

Studio Organizer Cart

In the top drawer, I added photo styling supplies; toothpicks, tweezers, scissors and paper towel. And the silverware we use most often in recipe shoots.

Studio Organizer Cart

In the next set of drawers, larger serving utensils and spoons.

Studio Organizer Cart

Next are the hole punches, wire and glue that we use when we are doing a craft project.

Studio Organizer Cart

And then straws and some camera equipment.

Studio Organizer Cart

Then some of the paper napkins and bags. And our most precious drawer, our camera equipment. We bought a new camera at the end of last year, a Canon 70D, it came with a couple new lenses also. I lined the drawer with a cloth napkin so that the equipment is a little more protected.

Studio Organizer Cart

More napkins and some food styling props finish out the cart.

Simple Craft Organizing

This cart not only works great for organizing our supplies for the business, it would be great in your craft room, in the kid’s room to organize Legos or dolls, or even in your closet to organize clothes.

You can find the cart on Walmart.com, they have several different styles, colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Walmart Moms

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