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Sweet Treats: Best Baking of 2012

After sharing the top Cupcakes from 2012, I just knew I had to find the Best Sweet Treats for this year as well! Baking is a big part of Hoosier Homemade, so I couldn’t let the time pass without sharing the Best Baking of 2012!

Cupcake Fondue…Homemade Marshmallows…Ice Cream Pie…and more…enjoy!

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January ~ This Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie will take you back to your childhood! **Pin It** 

February ~ These brownies are more cake like than brownies, but definitely Better Than Brownies! **Pin It**

March ~ St. Patrick’s Day baking is the best! These Irish Creme Push Pops are super easy too! **Pin It** 

April ~ Cool Whip and Oreos in a pie…you can never go wrong with that! Flowerpot Pie **Pin It**  

May ~ Making Dessert on the Grill was new for me, it turned out delicious! **Pin It** 

June  ~ Lay out the ingredients and let your guests create their own treats from the S’Mores Buffet! **Pin It**

July ~ Another easy dessert…Cupcake Fondue was a HUGE hit this year! **Pin It** 

August ~ When it’s hot outside, this S’Mores Ice Cream Pie is perfect! **Pin It** 

September ~ Once you’ve tried Homemade Marshmallows, you will never want to buy them again! **Pin It**

October ~ Soft, chewy and packed with flavor…Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies! **Pin It**

November ~ These Turkey Cookies are fun to make and eat! **Pin It**

December ~ With just 3 ingredients, you can whip up this Hot Fudge Sauce in less than 5 minutes! **Pin It**

Which one is your favorite?

Do you love baking? Join us over at Joy of Cooking for the Best of Desserts!

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