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Holiday Baking: 15 Must Have Ingredients and Supplies

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The biggest baking season is upon us! As bakers, we have standard ingredients in our pantry that we use when creating our favorite treats, but what about those special ingredients that we often don’t think about. I’ve pulled together a list of 15 Must Have Ingredients and Supplies for the Holidays.

Get ready for all the Holiday Baking with these 15 must have Ingredients and Supplies! Pin to your Holiday Baking Board!

  1. Spice Blends – you can easily make your own, the benefit is not only budget friendly, but you can personalize them how you like. They also make great gifts! Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend and Apple Pie Spice Blend are two of our favorites
  2. Peppermint – Extract, Candy, Chips and Candy Canes – used in lots of different recipes like the Peppermint Fudge pictured above
  3. Cream of Tartar – it’s best to buy fresh each year for the best looking and tasting meringues
  4. Nuts – walnuts and pecans are what I typically use in Holiday Baking
  5. Almond Bark – available in the baking aisle in chocolate and white chocolate, it works best for candy making
  6. Coloring – used not only in frosting
  7. Sprinkles – a baker can never have enough sprinkles
  8. Extracts – Vanilla and Almond are most popular, you may also want Peppermint
  9. Lollipop Sticks – great for cupcake toppers as well as candy making
  10. Recycled Containers – now is the time to start saving your containers to cover with scrapbook paper and use for gift giving
  11. Foil Bread Pans – I love the mini bread pans for gift giving
  12. Take-out Boxes – Again, great for gift giving or even sending home leftovers with guests
  13. Glass Jars – Great for giving hot cocoa mix, teas etc. or bottles like we used in the Hot Cocoa Kits
  14. Plastic Treat Bags – Perfect for school treats
  15. Baker’s Twine or thin ribbon to wrap homemade treats up

Printable Holiday Menu Plan

Today is Day 6 of our 12 Steps to Christmas Sanity. So far in this series we have made a Christmas Card, scheduled all of our parties and events on our Printable December Calendar, gathered budget friendly gift ideas, printed out a Christmas Gift List, tackled our Christmas Dinner Menu! Thanks to Laura from I Heart Planners for all the great printables!

And now we are getting ready for all of our Holiday Baking. Print out the shopping list above by clicking on the photo and get ready to tackle your Holiday Baking!

Do you have a favorite holiday treat that you make every year? What are your must have ingredients for holiday baking?

Join us for the 12 Steps to Christmas Sanity! Simple, easy and creative ideas to help you prepare for the holidays and have more time with your family! Pin to your Christmas Board! #ChristmasSanity

And follow along each day as we help you get ready for the holidays!


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