Spring Wreath Ideas

It’s officially Spring, at least that’s what the calendar is telling us, the weather outside…not so much. But that’s okay, we are ready to start decorating! Here are Spring Wreath Ideas that are sure to brighten your home!
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Quick Tips for Successful Entertaining

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I am so excited to start using our outside entertaining areas more. Outdoor entertaining seems so much more casual and relaxed- and you don’t have to clean the house! If you are getting ready to have people over here are some Quick Tips for Successful Entertaining.  [Read more…]

Spring Wreaths: Spring Inspiration

It’s officially Spring, at least that’s what the calendar is telling us, the weather outside…not so much. But that’s okay, we are ready to start decorating! Here are some of my favorite Spring Wreaths that are sure to brighten your home!

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Fresh Spring Floral Arrangement: Spring Inspiration

Spring is a great time to bring the outdoors in. Or in the case of this inspirational post – bring the outdoors to your door. This Fresh Spring Floral Arrangement is a great way to welcome your guests into your home using fresh greenery and flowers that you find in your garden. With just a few clippings, you can have a beautiful door decoration well within your budget.

40 Days of Spring Inspiration continues with Day 36! Each day we are inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, tips for your home and much more!

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Spring Home Tour: Spring Inspiration

This Spring, as the weather warms and the sun shines regularly, many of us bust out the cleaning supplies to give everything a good washing. Spring is also the perfect time to freshen up your home decor. Whether you are looking to update your throw pillows, change out your drapes for something lighter or just want to bring the outdoors in, today’s inspirational post is exactly what you need. Take a spring home tour through one house for dozens of ideas on how you can brighten your home for the season.

40 Days of Spring Inspiration continues with Day 31! Each day we are inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, tips for your home and much more!

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Spring Inspired Door Decoration: Spring Inspiration

If you create a new wreath for your front door each season or holiday, it might be time to try something new. This gorgeous door decoration takes the wreath one step further by using a basket. Create this unique Spring inspired door decoration to welcome your guests and the season to your home!

40 Days of Spring Inspiration continues with Day 16! Each day we are inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, tips for your home and much more!

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Easy Spring Centerpiece: Spring Inspiration

Nothing says Spring is here like fresh flowers. I love to have them around the house as often as I can. I also love to create a great centerpiece using fresh flowers. This easy Spring centerpiece features gorgeous green Ball jars and would look good on any table in your home.

40 Days of Spring Inspiration continues with Day 6! Each day we are inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, tips for your home and much more!

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Easy Ideas to Brighten your Spring Mantel

It’s finally here…Spring has arrived and I couldn’t be happier! It truly felt like the longest Winter ever! Our Spring Mantel is full of bright Spring colors, fresh flowers and cute decorations. [Read more…]

Vintage Spring Decorating Ideas

Although we had a little snow on the ground this morning, the calendar is still telling me it’s Spring. After what seemed to be the longest Winter ever, I could hardly wait to bring out more of the Spring Decorations. [Read more…]

Spring Decorating: Easy Rag Tie Basket

Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! The flowers and plants are starting to peek through the cold ground a bit and it’s time to start the Spring Decorating. Today I have an easy craft for you and the kiddos to work on. The basket options are limitless with this craft, you could even repurpose an Easter basket if you like. [Read more…]

Spring Front Porch Decorating

It’s that time again, I’ve looked at the bare, ugly front porch long enough! I will have to say, I love decorating the outside of our home just as much as the inside. We live on a rather busy street, although there isn’t a lot of car traffic, we have many people that walk and ride their bikes on our street. Growing up in this town, I absolutely loved this street, it’s full of old homes that have a ton of character.

One of my very best friends lived in the house that is across the street from ours, her Mother still lives there. And I dreamed about one day living in a home on this street. Now that I do, I want to share the beauty of the home and yard with everyone.

My Spring Front Porch

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

After decorating the Spring Mantel, there were a few silk flowers left, along with some fresh pansies, we pulled everything together to add some whimsy and brightness to the Front Porch.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

A few weeks back, we came across this beautiful wall container at Michael’s. I think it is perfect hanging on the side of the house, filled with silk flowers.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

The white wicker chair, a roadside find, a couple years ago was added first with a bright orange pillow. An antique small ladder holds one of the birdhouses that my Dad built years ago.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

A pair of my rain boots were filled with silk tulips and pussywillows.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

More character was added with an antique picnic basket and one of my galvanized watering cans filled with purple Violas.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

The other galvanized watering can was filled with yellow Violas.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

Then it was time to fill the window boxes with Pansies. Because of the cold weather, and the frost we had recently, it was difficult to find plants that looked good. So we made a trip over to our nearest Home Depot and found some beautiful plants. And they were marked half off, which was even better.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers! I love there little face like features on the inside.

Spring Front Porch Decorating :: HoosierHomemade.com

Spring Mantel Decorating

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for Spring! At this time last year, most of the flowers and bushes were blooming and we had already been blessed with many warm, sunny days. This year though, has been a different story. It’s still very chilly and none of the trees and bushes are showing signs they will be blooming soon. There are a few flowers popping up through the cold dirt and the birds are singing, so that’s a good sign…right?

This year’s Spring Mantel brightens the house with flowers and the fun Washi Tape Wooden Birds that I shared on Monday. The addition of an antique watering can, rain boots, gardening tools and a bird’s nest reminds us that even though the temperatures aren’t warm, Spring is here!

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

While I typically like to shop the house for items to decorate with, this season I just needed a few new items. So the Spring Mantel is a mixture of some old items and a few new, along with a couple hand crafted items.

The rustic garland is a combination of burlap ribbon and grapevine garland, both from Michael’s Craft Store. Both of them come rolled up, I unrolled them and tied the burlap ribbon randomly onto the grapevine garland with twine. Then we attached it to the Mantel with fishing line.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Last year, I saved the popular Pinterest photo of the umbrella and kept the idea in the back of my head for this year. Although finding the perfect umbrella to use was a bit of a treasure hunt, we did finally find one at Hobby Lobby. The silk flowers are from Michael’s Craft Store.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

The antique watering can is my favorite in my collection. The green bunny is from Pier 1, they are having an Easter sale right now.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

We tried my floral rain boots, but the colors were just a little too much. So we happened across these paper mache` boots at Michael’s and spray painted them with Krylon Pistachio Satin.

A couple terra cotta pots from the garage, one of the Washi Tape Birds and some gardening tools that we found at Marshall’s were added.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Down at the other end of the Mantel, is a new bird cage that we found at Marshall’s filled with a bird’s nest and some plastic eggs left from the Spring Mantel a couple years ago. The birdhouse is one that my Dad made years ago, another green bunny sitting in an aqua mason jar and the other Washi Tape Bird.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Then sitting next to the bird is a green wooden letter “L” for our last name…or well, my first name too!

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Even though the Spring Mantel took a little treasuring hunting this year, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Spring Mantel Decorations from HoosierHomemade.com

Quick Reference

  • Burlap Ribbon and Grapevine Garland – Michael’s Craft Store
  • Umbrella – Hobby Lobby
  • Silk Flowers – Michael’s
  • Bird Cage, Green letter “L” and garden tools – Marshall’s
  • Washi Tape Wooden Birds – learn how to make them in minutes
  • Rain Boots – Michael’s
  • Spray Paint – Krylon Pistachio Satin
  • Green bunnies on a stick – Pier 1 Imports


How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Decorating for Spring is something I look forward to all Winter! Even though I love Summer with the hot weather, somehow Spring always seems to renew how I feel. The house gets a good cleaning, the fresh air and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom.

After making the Tissue Paper Flowers last year, and loving how they turned out, I knew I wanted to use them as inspiration for the Spring Mantel. But they needed to be bigger and better than before. Then I spotted the Giant Paper Flowers on Design Sponge and knew right away what I wanted to do.

It did take us some time to figure out how to make the Giant Tissue Paper Flowers, and they definitely are not a quick project. But the results are splendid…

And when I say Giant…they really are…

This tutorial will work for any size flower that you want to make, but ours stand about 8 foot tall, 7 foot tall and 4 foot tall.

Let’s gather our supplies…

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers Supplies

  • Kraft Paper 
  • Chicken Wire – we bought this at our local Tractor Supply store, you could also find it at a home improvement store (or Amazon of course!)
  • Wire – 20 gauge – found in the floral supply area
  • Tissue Paper – any color is fine – you will need 2 packages of green only, then at least 10 sheets of colored for EACH flower
  • Tape – regular scotch tape is fine, I have floral tape in the photo, but found it didn’t work well
  • Ready to use Concrete Mix– found at a home improvement store
  • Glue – any kind
  • Mod Podge – not shown
  • Sponge paint brush – not shown
  • Plastic cups
  • Spanish Moss – for the inside of the flowers, available in the floral supply area

First you will need to make the bases so that the concrete can set up, it will take at least 24 hours to set.

How to make Concrete Bases

  • Ready to use Concrete Mix
  • 1/2 cup water – we colored it purple just so you could see the water more clearly
  • Plastic Cups


  1. Fill the cup with concrete
  2. Slowly pour in water, carefully stir with a popsicle stick or wooden skewer and level with stick
  3. Gently squeeze the sides of cup to help blend together
  4. Let set 24 hours until completely hard

Next you will need to form the stems. Again, any size will work.

How to make Giant Flower Stems

  • Chicken Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy gloves
  • Plastic Cups – empty
  • Craft Paper
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge – we used a matte finish
  • Large sponge brush


  1. When working with the chicken wire, it’s best to wear heavy gloves.
  2. Roll out the chicken wire, cut 1 foot wide by the length you want the stem
  3. Form around the plastic cup for the base and roll into a cyclinder
  4. Cover completely with craft paper, tape if necessary
  5. Thin the Mod Podge with a little water, wrap the stem with green tissue paper, securing with Mod Podge on ends
  6. After the entire stem is covered with tissue paper, coat it with Mod Podge, this helps secure any loose ends and makes the stem look uniform in color.
  7. Let dry several hours

Now the leaves…

How to make Tissue Paper Leaves

  • Green tissue – same colors or 2 different is fine, cut into 12 x 14 inches
  • 20 gauge wire – 4 pieces
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge Brush


  1. Form the wire by twisting 2 pieces together, and add the cross pieces and continue to twist
  2. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge, watered down a bit, onto 1 layer of tissue
  3. Lay down the wire, making sure to leave a few inches of wire showing on the bottom and then cover with another piece of tissue
  4. Let dry about 30 minutes
  5. Cut out leaf leaving a few inches of wire out on the bottom

Note – we found it easier to glue the pieces together then cut the leaf, so that you don’t have to try to match up the edges

Now it’s time to make the flowers.

How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

  • Tissue Paper – cut into 3 sizes, 4 pieces each of small and medium, and 8 pieces of large size – just cut them freehand is fine
  • Tape – after taking this photo, I found that regular scotch tape worked better than floral tape
  • Yellow Tissue Paper for the centers – cut 4 circles {I used a cereal bowl for a template}
  • Spanish Moss
  • Glue

Begin with the smallest petals, pinch the bottom together and then tape.

Continue to add the petals, by pinching the bottom together

And tape around the bottom.

After the flower is complete, with all the petals added, now it’s time to make the centers.

How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flower Centers

  1. Working with 2 of the tissue paper circles, pinch around the edge forming a groove
  2. Repeat with the other 2 pieces, but make them a little smaller by pinching a little more tissue paper
  3. Glue together the 2 sets and then glue a small handful of Spanish Moss on

Then glue the center into the flower, and form the petals.

Important Notes on the Tissue Paper Flowers

  • These flowers are different than the ones I made last year.
  • I think both flowers turned out well, however, next time I think I will go back to my other way of making them, but still add the centers.
  • I liked that they were a little fuller last year.
  • Both tissue paper flowers take LOTS of patience, so take your time.
  • Don’t get too discouraged, the flowers seem to take on a life of their own and kind of flow in a certain direction, in the end, they turn out fine.

We have the stems, leaves and flowers…now let’s put them all together.

How to create the Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

  • Turn the concrete filled cup upside down and place the stem on top
  • Using a zip tie, attach the flower to the top
  • Carefully poke the wire from the bottom of the leaf into the stem {you may need to secure the leaves to the stem with a dot of glue}

These Giant Tissue Paper Flowers will become part of my Spring Mantel soon, but I think they would also be great for a shower, in a nursery or little girl’s room, or even a garden party.

So tell me…do you love them? Be sure to let me know when you make them and feel free to share a picture on my Facebook page!

Front Porch Decorating: 5 Minute Fix

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head and you just had to get it done? Let me set the scene for you…

  • Doug is outside working on the new raised garden bed
  • Nick is mowing the front yard {he is off a half day from school on Fridays}
  • I have 2 recipes going with Asparagus {one for Hoosier Homemade and one for Pocket Change Gourmet}
  • The kitchen is a disaster
  • Dinner has not been started
  • And…I decide to decorate the Front Porch

So I quickly head outside and let Doug know that I think I should gather up some materials to Decorate the Front Porch…and what do I get? The “are you totally out of your mind” look from him. BUT, then I go ahead to explain…it will only take 5 minutes! And what do I get? The “oh ya right, it’s gonna be more like an hour” kinda look!

But being the wonderful hubby that he is, Doug helped me gather up some materials…

To decorate the Front Porch in 5 Minutes or Less

Let me break it down for you…

  1. Start with a chair, throw on the quilt and add the small ladder
  2. A tall galvanized bucket was filled with tree limbs and fresh lilacs
  3. The Grapevine Wreath was added to the chair
  4. An antique watering can gets filled with ivy cut from the yard
  5. Small terra cotta pots, a ceramic bird and Aqua Mason Jars are added to the ladder
  6. A couple antique lanterns placed next to the chair

And there you have it…Front Porch Decorating in 5 Minutes or Less!!

And then what did I get from Doug…”this really did take only 5 minutes to decorate!”

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Easy Spring Craft: Flower Wreath

Happy Monday my friends! Did you enjoy your Easter? It came and went so fast…didn’t it? Even though the holidays are over for a little while, we still have lots of yummy Spring recipes, decorating and DIY projects to share with you. This Spring Flower Wreath adds a nice splash of Spring color to your home and a little whimsy too! I bet your Mom or Grandma would love this for Mother’s Day, too!

After making the St. Patrick’s Day Door Hanging and the Spring letters, Doug and I have become a little addicted to this easy method using wood and scrapbook paper. It takes very little time, the outcome is beautiful and the options are endless.

Isn’t it darling? We hung it on the kitchen door, it makes me smile every time I pass by. The “wreath” is a square piece of plastic grass that I had on the coffee table. And the flowers are made with wood, scrapbook paper and straws for the stems.

My original thought was to make the flowers to hang on a garland, but after we started putting them together, they seemed to work better on the grass… like they are blooming in your yard.

How to make a Spring Flower Wreath


  • Wood pieces – you can find them in the craft department, these came in a package with all different sizes and shapes
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Spray Adhesive – we use Elmer’s
  • X-acto knife or sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun or strong glue
  • Straws for the stems
  • Wreath – any shape with work or you can even put them in a vase


  1. Lay out paper and choose coordinating colors for the flowers
  2. Adhere paper to wood with spray adhesive, let dry a few hours or overnight
  3. Using the X-acto knife and working on a cutting mat, trim around the wood, cutting away the paper
  4. Place the petals together, add hot glue to the center and place on top of petals
  5. Attach straw for the stem with hot glue
  6. Attach to wreath with hot glue

 What are you crafting for Spring?

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Spring Mantel: Inspiration Sunday

Happy Sunday! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve shared Inspiration Sunday with you, things have been pretty busy. I’m also a little behind on sharing my Spring Mantel, so I thought I would wrap them up together to share with you!

We have been having fun using the Chalkboard on the Mantel. Andrew {oldest son} used his amazing artistic skills to add a little whimsy to the Spring Mantel. I added a piece of green burlap as the base to give a little more texture and interest.

The adorable Spring Letters were added and I made large Pinwheels for color and a little more whimsy!

After seeing Layla’s Mantel, I knew I wanted to add some butterflies. So I used the same Butterfly Die Cut that I added to our other Spring Decorations.  I love how they have perforated wings, so you can bend them and make them look like they are flying.

We have been having beautiful weather this Spring, which is pretty rare for us. All of the flowers and trees have already started to bloom, which puts us about a month early.

I am thrilled to have the Tulips and Daffodils blooming last Doug planted last Fall. We shot a little video on how to plant bulbs for Spring Flowers, if you are interested.

The Daffodils make me smile!

And the Viburnum Plant is also blooming and smells heavenly!

What has inspired you this Spring?

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Quick Spring DIY Project: 5 Minute Fix

Sometimes our to-do list can get pretty long and daunting. There are so many crafts and DIY Projects and there isn’t enough time in the day. For a couple months, I’ve been thinking about sharing some ideas for a 5 Minute Fix. A craft, decorating, DIY project or even a quick baking idea that you can complete in 5 minutes or less.

We all need quick DIY projects in our life…right?

Last week I shared a little Spring Spruce Up Project with you, and gave you a little sneak peak at the mirror that we painted!

I just LOVE how this mirror turned out! And the best thing…it’s super versatile! You can display it on a table, hang it on the wall or even serve breakfast in bed on it!

And yes…it’s a 5 Minute Fix! Let me show you what we did…

  1. Purchase a mirror – we bought this one at Walmart for around $4.50, be sure it has some detail on it so that the paint will be highlighted
  2. Tape around the frame with painter’s frog tape
  3. Add newspaper over the mirror and tape around the edge, making sure the tape is sealed well
  4. Spray on the paint and immediately wipe it off with a clean, dry rag
  5. Paint all the sides – we used the same paint for the Easter Egg Tree – Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze
  6. And make sure the edges are covered – you can leave the edges painted like we did, or wipe them off as well

Pretty fun, huh? Join us each week for another 5 Minute Fix!

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Spring Craft: DIY Home Decor

I love Spring! The warm weather, the flowers, the birds singing…and yes the crafts and decorating my home! Seems like we are getting the Spring Decorating done little by little this year. Hopefully the Spring Mantel is next, we are creating the pieces we want to put on the Mantel, and this Spring wood craft is one of them.

I just love how it turned out! Doug did an AMAZING job on it…don’t you think?

The concept for the scrapbook paper being applied to the wood is similar to the St. Patrick’s Day Door Hanging we made, but the letters were a little curved on the edge, so Doug had to cut out the paper before applying it to the wood. It was a little more time consuming, but well worth it.

And we couldn’t help but take pictures outside in the beautiful Spring weather we have!

Let’s gather our supplies…

Spring Craft Supplies:

  • Wood – We used a piece of baseboard from our local molding outlet (length will depend on how many letters)
  • Letters
  • Scrapbook paper
  • White paint for the edges of the letters
  • Pre-stain and stain for the wood
  • Spray adhesive to apply paper {not pictured}

Wood Preparation:

  1. Cut your wood to length. Doug cut this piece, 5 inches longer than what we needed, leaving 2 1/2 inches on each end.
  2. Using a rag, apply the pre-stain. Pre-stain is needed when staining soft or porous types of wood to prevent the finish from being blotchy.
  3. Let sit 15-20 minutes to allow to soak in, wipe off any excess.
  4. Apply stain evenly with a foam brush and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes depending how dark you want the final product to be, carefully wipe and excess stain off. {We used a combination stain/polyurethane product to speed up the process}

Letter Preparation:

  1. Slightly sand the edges of the letters with 180 grit or finer sand paper. {the higher the number the finer the grit}
  2. Paint the edges (2 coats) we used a satin latex that we had on our shelf {the washers are just to keep the letters up off the drop cloth}
  3. Glue a small block of wood to the back side of the letters to give more area to glue to base.
  4. Trace the letter onto the back of the scrapbook paper and cut out

Decorating the Letters:

  • Spray the back side of the paper with adhesive and carefully adhere to the wood letters
  • To attach the letters to the wood, use a hot glue gun {note: Doug tried wood glue and even super glue, but the glue gun worked the best}
What are you crafting for Spring?
Don’t forget to enter the Spring Inspiration Pinterest Contest!! HURRY…it closes Monday, the 26th at 10 p.m. CST

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Spring Spruce Up

I’ve been itching to get some more Spring Decorating done, especially after sharing my Easy Spring Decorating Ideas on Tuesday. I love how adding just a little bit of color can add so much to your room.

We started with one of the corners in our Living Room, that was pretty bare and boring…

And headed to Walmart to see what we could find to spruce up our Living Room for Spring.

And found lots of fun things to use…supplies for an Easter Egg Tree, some new pictures, a gold frame that will get transformed into a tray for the coffee table and some Renuzit Fresh Accents to make the room smell fresh.

We added a cloth, the Easter Egg Tree, a bunny, and some new pictures on the wall. And to make the room smell fresh, we added a Renuzit Fresh Accents, in “after the rain” aroma, not only makes the room smell nice, it’s pretty sitting on the table. The beautiful prints we found at Walmart {2 for $10}, add some more warmth to the room too.

Then we moved onto the other side of the room…

On the coffee table, we add a mirror that we paint {stay tuned for the tutorial on how to make one in 5 minutes or less}, a blooming plant that we placed in artificial grass, a little wooden bunny and another Renuzit Fresh Accent.

Yes…it was pretty ugly when we started. But by adding just a few items, including a little extra nice smell to the room with Renuzit Fresh Accents, it’s a little more like Spring.

Have you started decorating for Spring? Visit the Renuzit #FreshAccents Facebook page for a coupon to get started!

Check out my Shopping Experience on Google+

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

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Easy Spring Decorating

With all this beautiful weather we have been having, I couldn’t help but get my Spring Decorating started and share it with you! Spring is my favorite time of year, the trees and grass turn green and the flowers start to bloom.

Along with the weather, I also had a little nudge from Lifestyle Crafts. They have a new set of die cuts, Blossom, that was released today. I was excited to get a sneak peak at them and create a Spring Decorating project for you.

Let’s make the flowers, butterflies and birds…

I used some of the scrapbook paper that I found at Walmart, there was plenty left from the Paper Pinwheels. The Blossom die cuts and the Epic machine from Lifestyle Crafts. The cool thing about these die cuts is they are perforated, making them look 3D.

The Twig Tree from the Winter decorating got a little facelift with some plastic grass and bought into the Living Room and placed on the Entertainment Center. I attached the flowers and butterflies with clear thread, and the little birds, I just glued on with Elmer’s Extreme Glue Stick.

Then came the old vintage suitcase…I know…it’s kind of random, but I love it!

The Antique Watering Cans have a new home until it’s warm enough to plant flowers in them and put them on the front porch.

Some moss and little nest that I had on the front porch last Summer, was added next.

And a few plastic eggs to add some color.

Finishing up the display is an old birdhouse that my Dad made years ago.

Interested in these cool products from Lifestyle CraftsHead on over and be sure to use Promo Code…HOOSIER to receive 20% off your order!

Disclosure: I received some products to try from Lifestyle Crafts and as always, the opinions are my own.

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Spring Mantel: How to decorate

Decorating our home is one of my favorite things to do. I tend to keep the Living Room more primitive and decorate with country antiques. And I decorate the Dining Room with a little more color and whimsy.

I have decorated our Spring Mantel with lots of different ideas. Last year, I used a little more color but this time, I wanted to keep it more rustic and give it an outdoor feel. So, I thought about what Spring means to me…Birds, Branches, Watering Cans, Birdhouses and Green.

I have created a tutorial for you for the Mantel as well as how to paint the birds eggs that I have in the nest.

Start with the garland and large pieces

  1. I started with the garland. Grapevine rope with some silk ivy cut and tucked in
  2. Then some burlap that I bunched up a little
  3. A galvanized antinque watering can at one end
  4. And some Forsythia branches in Aqua Mason Jars

Add the medium pieces

  1. Next came the medium size pieces, a birdhouse and nest
  2. A treasurerd birdhouse that my Dad made years ago
  3. And a nest that I made from a grapevine wreath {that I took apart}, spanish moss and eggs {tutorial below}
  4. To give it some height, I propped up the back of the holder with a small clay pot

And then small pieces

  1. A small birdhouse tucked behind a white teapot
  2. Then a couple clay pots
  3. The grass from the St. Patrick’s Day Mantel returns and a couple more eggs
  4. And a wooden candle holder that I spray painted white and added a little egg to the top

The eggs were easy to do, but they did take some time. I also realized after painting them, I would have been better to use a solid egg, and not the hinged plastic eggs. But I used what I had on hand, it worked and didn’t cost me anything.

  1. Place opened eggs on a board
  2. Spray with white paint
  3. Then paint with blue or the color of your choice {I used some leftover paint from The Sports Bedroom}
  4. Then spray with Fleck Stone paint {I used plasti-kote brand}
  5. And using an old toothbrush dipped in black paint, flick the paint to make the eggs speckled

After taking the pictures and putting the eggs back together, I did have to paint the seams a little more with blue and spray a little more Fleck Stone on them.

Everything I used were items that I already had, I just went shopping in my own home for them. Think outside the box a little, and don’t be afraid to experiment…even with a little spray paint.

Have you started decorating for Spring?



Hoosier Cabinet: Decorating for Spring

Last year, around this time I shared how I decorated our Hoosier Cabinet with shades of white. After taking down the Snowmen last weekend, I was ready to change the decorations and get ready for Spring.

I don’t think I’ve ever showed you how cool this Hoosier cabinet is. It came from one of the barns on my Father-in-law’s property. Many, many years ago, he took all of the daughters into the barn and let us choose which Hoosier cabinet we would like. I choose this one, and he was going to have it refinished. Well, after a few years passed by, I decided that I would rather have it unfinished, just the way it was. Peeling paint and all!

I know worn out…paint chipping…furniture isn’t for everyone. But I just love it!! I think it has such character! Although I loved having all shades of white, I decided to add a little color for Spring.

Starting on the top, I added a large vase and a wire Rooster that I had in the kitchen. In the middle I added a wooden crate with Aqua Mason Jars. A couple small tea pots finish it out.

On the next shelf down, I added another tea pot, a plate, a ceramic vase with cupids and a small Aqua Mason Jar. A small sprig of pink berries adds a little color.

Another white dish, Aqua Mason Jar and a ceramic vase with pink flowers continues the theme. A little bunny and some more pink berries and flowers tie it in with the other shelves.

Then on the bottom, I added more Aqua Mason Jars, I love how they bring out the blue in the cabinet. A few small white dishes and a couple pink tulips for a splash of color.

You probably have seen this beauty!! I’ve been using it to display cupcakes, like my Chocolate Chip Pie a la Mode Cupcakes earlier this week. I found it at TJ Maxx when I was in Nashville for the Blissdom Conference. My good friend, Dawn, who I stayed with before and after the Conference, took me shopping. It’s a good thing I drove, because I would have never been able to bring it back on a plane.

Have you started decorating for Spring yet?

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Decorating for Spring with Flowers

Refreshing your home with Spring flowers can be one of the easiest ways to brighten your space.

I am lucky that we have many blooming trees, bushes and flowers in our area.  Many of the Spring flowers, daffodils and tulips are done or almost done. But our lilacs are just starting to open.

Lilacs are one of my favorite Spring flowers. I think they just smell heavenly.

Don’t you wish we had “smell-a-computer?” 🙂

Last Sunday, I sent Doug, my husband, out to cut me some branches to decorate with. He came back with 2 big buckets full for me! I’m such a lucky girl!

Even though I loved our Buffet decorated with the Bridal Veil, it doesn’t last forever. So, I added some Lilacs, Flowering Crab (white) and Red Bud (purple) branches.

After decorating our Mantle for Spring, I got super busy baking and cooking the Make-Ahead Meals and had not gotten around to decorating the top of the Entertainment Center. Since I had some of the beautiful Flowering Crab branches left, I added them to the top in an antique watering can.

Our Entertainment Center is an Antique Tool Box, that we bought many years ago. It’s my favorite piece of furniture in our house. I added a small wooden rocker, for balance, and a bear that I sewed many years ago. In the middle I put a metal, decorative planter with 3 bright colored metal pails and a splash of color with some silk flowers and berries. I finished with a small rabbit, a bright colored photo frame and a bird house.

Since the forsythia had seen it’s better days, I replaced it with some Red Bud branches on our Mantle.

What is your favorite Spring Flower?  

Decorating your Home for Spring

I’ve had such a great time decorating our home for Spring. I shared our Mantle and some of our Dining Room with you.

I also wanted to share a little tutorial on how I decorated our Buffet. Our Dining Room table and Buffet were passed down from my parents. And in a crazy twist, we are now living across the street from the family that originally owned the set.

I used Ivy and Bridal Veil, once again, to bring the outside in. I love the look of the fresh green and even better, it doesn’t cost a penny to decorate with it.

  1. Here is the buffet before I started
  2. I added a lace tablecloth that belonged to my Mother-In-Law
  3. The candlesticks worked perfectly when I turned them upside down. On the taller one I placed a small vase that I filled with glass rocks, water and added fresh ivy. On the smaller candlestick, I added a tulip shaped candle in mint green.
  4. Then in front I put a pint size (short) aqua blue mason jar, and added some daffodils.

  1. At the opposite end of the buffet (because I like balance when I’m decorating) I added some Bridal Veil in a quart size (large) aqua mason jar.
  2. Then in front I placed a small darker blue vase with a small piece of Bridal Veil.
  3. I added another candle holder with a round green candle to coordinate with the other side. And a small clay pot, laying on it’s side.
  4. In the middle of the buffet, I added a glass bowl with lemons and limes.

Do you decorate your home for the seasons? Share with us your ideas!



Spring Decorating

I just love Spring! Doesn’t everyone? It’s like a fresh start, the green grass starting to grow, the spring flowers and trees and the weather starting to get warmer.

I change the decorations in my home often. If you have been around here much, I’m sure you have seen all the changes.

Our main focal point in the house is our mantle in our Living Room. I absolutely love it. Last week I shared the tutorial for decorating a Spring Mantle using Nature.

This past weekend, I finally had a little time to finish up the Dining Room. I have shared my little tree with you often, I added some Spring silk flowers and ivy to it. Underneath, I sat a birdhouse and a little doll I made years ago, her apron says, “Everybirdy welcome” 🙂


A short while ago, I shared my Monochromatic Hoosier Cabinet. I decided to leave it the way it is for awhile longer, but added my angels, a picture frame with a watering can and my favorite, Bunny Tic-Tac-Toe.

For the Dining Room table, I started with a pretty yellow tablecloth, added a splash of color, a blue pitcher full of daffodils that I cut outside and some cute little wooden birds for added color.

With Spring, also comes baseball, we love it, but our life turns to chaos most of the time 🙂 This is my middle son, Nick, he plays for LaPorte High School.

What is your favorite season? Do you decorate for Spring?

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