Holiday entertaining doesn’t need to be stressful! Use these easy entertaining tips to save you time and money!

Use these 5 Tips for Easy Entertaining to save time, money and enjoy your party! Pin to your Holiday Board!

My Mom used to always say “if you want something done in the house, have a party.” While I used to agree with that, and still do somewhat, over the years I have changed my thinking to keep to simple and easy.

Here are my tips for easy entertaining…

Printable Holiday Menu Plan

Be prepared

  • Make a list, check your pantry for items you could use and be organized
  • Use our 12 Steps to Christmas Sanity to get yourself ready for the holidays so you can enjoy the party and have more time with family
  • Stock up – be ready for surprise guests with ingredients in the pantry that can be made in minutes. Here are some simple recipes that take minutes to put together

Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree

Preparing Food

  • Prepare as much as you can ahead of time – cheese, fruit, veggies, meat – lots of food can be cut ahead and stored in resealable bags and ready to go
  • Use your Slow Cooker – no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen while guests are visiting and enjoying the party
  • Potluck – ask visitors to bring a dish to share – it’s okay, really! Ask them to bring the dish that is traditional to their family during the holidays. It’s fun for them and for your guests.

How to set up a buffet

Tips for Setting up a Buffet

  • Create different levels
  • Be sure that the taller pieces are in the back
  • By setting out the serving dishes ahead, you will know if you need to gather any more supplies
  • Label the dishes so you or someone helping you can quickly fill the dish for serving. I just use sticky notes

Create this Simple Holiday Appetizer Bar and WOW your guests! Pin to your Christmas Board!

Think outside the box – change up the traditional sit down party

Holiday parties don’t always have to be big and grand. Here are 3 ideas for something different

  • Host a dessert party rather than a full meal
  • Host brunch…everyone is busy in the evenings with concerts and school events, a morning get-together is perfect
  • Host an appetizer bar and drinks

Clean your Sink Naturally and Safe :: Learn how on

Cleaning – party ready

The whole house doesn’t have to be perfect. Here are a few cleaning tips…

  • Concentrate on the high traffic areas
  • Wash windows, not all of them need to be done but entry doors and those in areas where the guests will be congregating should be done
  • Clean out the refrigerator a few days prior to your party to make room for all the food
  • Clean early with the intent that on or the day before the party all that will be required is a quick swish and swipe
  • And don’t forget to scrub the sinks

 Printable Party Prep Planner

The Party Prep Planner printable (above) is from the 12 Steps to Christmas Sanity.

Head on over to download all the printables

12 Steps to Christmas Sanity

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