Santa Gift Jar: Homemade Holiday Inspiration


I love mason jar gifts. I collect jars all year long from my favorite brand of salsa. These Santa gift jars are a great, easy way to use them up. Fill them with M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, candy canes or even homemade treats. No matter what you fill them with, they’ll make great treats to give […]

Gift Wrapping Supplies: Homemade Holiday Inspiration


Before the craziness of the holidays kick in, it would be a great idea for you to gather your gift wrapping supplies into one area. This will make your life simpler by creating an organized kit that you can use to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration continues with Day 84! […]

Santa Bucket: Homemade Holiday Inspiration

Make this cute Santa Bucket with just a few simple supplies! Perfect for your Christmas gift giving! Pin to your Christmas Board!

Want a cute, easy and budget-friendly craft that you can do with your kids that will be perfect to give out to their teachers or friends? This Santa bucket uses recycled and inexpensive materials and will come together with very little time. Your kids are going to have a lot of fun thinking of people […]

Affordable Gift Ideas

Affordable gift idea for Christmas

As Christmas grows near, and our gift list becomes long, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with affordable gift ideas that everyone will love. These three ideas are each under $20, and I guarantee someone on your list would love one!  You might also like… Frugal Homemade Gift Ideas Creative Gift Ideas for Christmas Tackling […]

Tackling the Holiday Budget: Simple Gift Ideas

Simple Christmas Gift for a Women

The holidays can often times put a strain on our budgets. If you have an overflowing Christmas list with many people to buy for, you know what I mean. This inexpensive simple gift idea is perfect for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, even those gift exchange parties that you go to and have no idea what to […]

How to Make Indoor Snowballs: Homemade Holiday Inspiration


If you like creating with a theme throughout your home or have ever wanted to bring the snow inside, today’s inspirational post is just for you. In just a few simple steps, you can learn how to make indoor snowballs that are so realistic looking; people will wonder why they aren’t melting! 100 Days of Homemade Holiday […]

Printable December 2014 Calendar


Welcome to Day 2 of our 12 Steps to Christmas Sanity! The holidays are a super busy time, so today we are preparing by getting our calendar all filled out and ready, it’s so much easier when you are organized.  You might also like… Handmade Christmas Card Homemade Advent Calendar: Homemade Holiday Inspiration Printable Christmas […]