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Movie Night with Polar Express

Creating this Movie Night with Polar Express is fun for all ages! There is a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board filled with goodies to add to hot cocoa, an edible craft with trains, and a hobo dress up basket. 

Movie Night Ideas

When I was a little girl, my Mom always said – if you don’t believe you won’t get any presents. Now of course, at the time she was talking about Santa, but as I have learned over the years – believing is one of the most important things in life.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in others.

Believe in a higher power.

Believe that God, the Universe, whatever you call it, will give you exactly what you need.


Polar Express Movie Night

When Polar Express first came out in 2004, along with everyone else, I fell in love with the movie, it’s message and how wonderful it made us all feel. Putting together this Movie Night is super fun and doesn’t take much time at all.

There are three elements that you can add – Hot Cocoa Board, Edible Craft making trains and dress like a hobo basket. Let’s get started –

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Movie night wouldn’t be the same without snacks. This Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is filled with special treats to add creativity to your Hot Chocolate. Fill your Hot Cocoa Dessert Tray with any thing you like, and don’t forget the Hot Chocolate Mix.

Edible Crafts

Keep the kids busy with this fun edible craft. They can get creative and make their own train. Here is what we used –

Edible Train Craft


  1. Add a small amount of icing to the Kit Kat bars and add the Twinkie
  2. Add the wheels with icing
  3. Add the Rolo with icing
  4. Then decorate

Movie Night Ideas

And last is the Hobo Dress Up Basket – add clothes, boots, hats, scarves, and more to a basket and let the kids dress up.

You could also have a new pair of pajamas in the basket and maybe a new book to read. I think the Polar Express book would be perfect!

Wilton Gingerbread Train

Another fun activity to add is the Gingerbread Train from Wilton. It comes with everything you need in a box and goes together quickly. You do need to allow some time for drying, but the kids would have fun making it during the day or even during the movie.

Themed Movie Night

To finish off the table, I added the golden Believe tickets from Etsy, and lots of silver bells.

Movie Night Snacks

No matter what age your children are – young or older – everyone will love this Movie Night with Polar Express!

Does the bell still ring for you?

Movie Night with Polar Express

Movie Night Ideas

  • Polar Express DVD
  • Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board
  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Edible Train Craft
  • Hobo Dress up Basket – or add PJ’s
  • Gingerbread Train
  • Believe Golden Tickets
  • Polar Express Book
  • Silver Bells
  • Mugs for Hot Cocoa

Disclaimer – I was sent the Gingerbread Train and icing from Wilton, however I did not receive any compensation for this post.


  1. We absolutely love the polar express at my house! I love the set up you have going on here, my kids would love this!

    1. Thanks Allyson! We are huge fans too!

  2. Becky Hardin says:

    Such cute ideas.

    1. Thanks so much Becky! Thrilled you like it!

  3. Rachael Yerkes says:

    This is so fun! I love it so much!

  4. This is literally the cutest idea ever. I have to do something like this for my kids.

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