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DIY Decorated Candles

Decorating your home doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. These DIY Decorated Candles go together in minutes, use only a few supplies and are great as gifts as well. 

Decorated candles on table

Welcome to Day 37 of the 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration! Each day we will be inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, homemade gift ideas and much more! 

Follow along to be inspired! 

Centerpiece with Decorated Candles

This gorgeous centerpiece can be put together in minutes using a wooden bowl, the decorated candles, fresh greens, small pine cones and mini ornaments for a pop of color. 

Christmas Centerpiece with Decorated Candles

DIY Decorated Candles for Centerpiece


  • Candles – pillar candles work best, any color you like
  • Glass Hurricane – optional
  • Twine
  • String of Beads – the ones I used are from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby
  • Glue gun


Candle in Hurricane

  1. Measure twine to fit around hurricane, then add about 1/2 – 1 inch more
  2. Measure 5-6 lengths of the twine
  3. Wrap the beads around the twine
  4. Glue onto the hurricane
  5. Position the beads where you like them to lay

Candle without Hurricane

  1. Wrap twine around candle, secure with a dot of glue
  2. Feed the beads through the twine 

Decorated Candles with twigs

This decorated candle would be pretty to have out all winter long. With just a few supplies, you and the kids can create this beautiful candle with twigs. 

Supplies to decorate candle

DIY Twig Candle


  1. Candle – pillar candle is best
  2. Twigs – you can pick them up in yard or along the street
  3. Epsom Salt
  4. Mod Podge 
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Heavy Scissors or Wire Cutters
  7. Glue Gun
  8. Paper plates
  9. Container with styrofoam or something to hold the twigs for drying

How to decorate candle with twigs

How to make a twig candle

  1. Cut the pieces of twigs and coat them with Mod Podge using a paint brush. They don’t have to be the length you need them yet. 
  2. Immediately sprinkle twig with Epsom salt
  3. As you coat the twigs, place them to dry in a container that has styrofoam 
  4. Trim the twigs to fit the candle, then begin by attaching the larger twigs with the hot glue around the candle. I worked in quarters
  5. Then fill in with medium size twigs
  6. And finish with the narrow twigs

Decorated Candles with Twigs

When you have all the twigs glued in place, you can go back and add a small amount of Mod Podge and sprinkle on more Epsom salt if you have spots that are bare. 

Decorated Hurricane Candle

This large hurricane is decorated with simple braided cord, a piece of greenery and metal jingle bells. 

Begin by measuring the cord around the hurricane, and glue it in place. I used 3 separate lengths of the cord. The cord and hurricane are from Hobby Lobby. 

Then glue on the greenery and bells. 

The options are endless for decorating a glass hurricane. I spent about $10 total for this, and I’ve seen some similar at stores for $30-$50, not including the candle. 

This decorated hurricane would also make a great gift.  

Decorated Candle with ribbon

Next is this super simple decorated candle. All you need is ribbon and some greenery. 

The ribbon should be the kind with wire on the edges. Then fold it every couple of inches, wrap it around the candle and secure with glue. 

Then add the greenery around the ribbon and secure with glue. 

Decorated Candle with Hurricane

Another super easy decorated candle for you to use in your home or give as a gift. The short glass hurricane is great for centerpieces. 

Simply add a short candle and add greenery around the candle. 

Candle with fabric ribbon

Buffalo check is super popular right now. Cut a piece of fabric, then tie it around the candle. Then snip the ends to look light a scarf. 

Decorated Candles with Ribbon

The last set of decorated candles are very simple. Simply glue ribbon around a short candle and you are done. 

DIY Decorated Candles

Which one is your favorite? 

Follow along with the 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration for more simple recipes, easy crafts, homemade gift ideas, decorating tips and much more!

Homemade Holiday Inspiration

Decorated Candles

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  1. Sally Cooper says:

    I love every thing on here …but I think the frosted twigs is my favorite.. Keep showing us more ideas…

    1. I’m thrilled you like the ideas Sally! Thanks for stopping by to let me know!
      Have a wonderful holiday!

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