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Earlier this week, as I was looking through some of my older posts, I came across my Goals for 2010. I had a lot of them, and well, I did good in some areas, and other areas I didn’t do so good.

Do you make goals? Or resolutions?

It wasn’t until about half way through the year, that I decided to start a Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter, so I didn’t have it on my goals for 2010, but it is an accomplishment that I’m very proud of.

I hope those of you that are subscribers are enjoying it, and if you aren’t a subscriber and would like to be, just fill out the easy form, and be sure to check which newsletters you would like to receive.

I had MANY favorite cupcakes this year, it was so hard to choose.

January – Snowman Cupcakes

February – Mini Box of Chocolates

March – Easter Chicks

April – Nuggets and Fries

May – Memorial Day Cookout

June – Peanut Butter Cup

July – Pool Cupcakes

August – S’more Cupcakes

September – Autumn Cupcakes with Acorns and chocolate leaves

October – Lil’ Ghost Cupcakes

November – Pilgrims and Indians with Printable place cards

December – Reindeer Cupcakes

If that isn’t enough sugar for you, check out my Best of Baking, and if you are a decorator and not a baker, you might like Mantles for every Season.

It’s been a GREAT year, THANK YOU  to all of you that have helped make it so great!

Happy New Year!!

I’m linking to…Get Your Craft On, Saturday Night Special, Mouthwatering Mondays, Made by You Mondays


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  1. caryn d says

    I first want to say that I am really enjoying your cupcakes. Our church ladies’ group has a monthly bake sale, and your tips have made me very popular. I do have 2 questions. FIrst, I had a hard time getting the pretzels to cooperate and form antlers for the reindeer, any tips? Second, I saw a picture of penguin cupcakes and it said you would be doing them soon, but I can’t find if you did them. If you did, is there a link for it. Thanks.

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