Goals for a Productive 2010

By January 1, 2010Home Management

Focused-Focus-1264494Staying focused…one of the hardest things to do. Whether it’s in my personal life or work. There always seems to be “stuff” that gets in the way.

I have lots of Goals for 2010, and what better way to hold myself accountable, than to share them with you.


Family and Marriage  (I’m listing this first, because it’s the most important)

  1. Work at being a better wife
  2. Work at being a better Mom
  3. Spend less time on the computer in the evening
  4. Have a family game night once a week
  5. Watch a movie with the family once a week
  6. Go out on a date with Doug at least once a month
  7. Have friends over once a month to play cards or visit


  1. Read my Bible everyday
  2. Schedule a Dr. appointment
  3. Schedule a Dentist appointment
  4. Exercise 4-5 times per week


  1. Secure advertisers before Blissdom
  2. Visit and leave comments on at least 10 blogs per day
  3. Join some food groups to share recipes
  4. Create a business page on Facebook
  5. Tweet (Twitter) at least 5 times per day
  6. Post an Aldi’s Money Saving Meal once a week
  7. Schedule and write posts early
  8. Write Media Kit
  9. Continue to gain readers
  10. Comment on BlogFrog daily
  11. Work on getting a BlogFrog community
  12. Learn to take better pictures of food

Work = Money

  1. Sew or craft everyday for Etsy
  2. List at least 3 items per week on Ebay or Craigslist

Home Management/Financial

  1. Continue to Meal Plan to save money and be organized
  2. Stay on budget of $100 per week for groceries and household items
  3. File papers once per week
  4. Declutter/Donate and/or sell
  5. Allow Doug and the boys to help with housework (I know, sounds crazy, but this is hard for me)
  6. Keep basement organized
  7. Get back on track with household binder
  8. Start reading Dave Ramsey or another financial book
  9. Continue to cook and bake from scratch, make more household items from scratch (laundry soap)
  10. Finish Nick and Casey’s bedroom
  11. Re-do Andrew’s bedroom
  12. Use coupons more
  13. Work on stockpiling more
  14. Prep meals for the week


I saw this quote somewhere and think it’s just great…

Smile More.Pray More.Criticize Less.

Stay Focused

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