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15 Road Trip Snacks

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It’s time to pack up the car and head out on the road! Even if you don’t have far to travel, if you are anything like our family, Road Trip Snacks are a must! While I will be the first to want something ooey, gooey and sweet, it’s not always practical to pack those treats, especially if you have little ones. Or a big messy eater, like I do.

So I have pulled together 15 Road Trip Snack Recipes that you and family are sure to love, and packed up a few more ideas for you to carry along on your next Road Trip!

15 Road Trip Snacks on

Road Trip Snacks on

While we all love homemade snacks, what about those spur of the moment trips. Or maybe you are heading to the swimming pool or park where it’s going to be hot and you don’t want anything melting.

No worries – I have some ideas for you! We have packed up my favorite picnic basket, full of delicious snacks.

Road Trip Snacks

  • Chips – Pringles are easy because the can is resealable keeping them fresh longer
  • Gold Fish – we LOVE the Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar – they are actually kind of addicting
  • Fruit Snacks – well, Cars – of course
  • Peanuts – great for protein
  • Granola Bars – also a great healthy alternative
  • Apples – fresh fruit is always a good choice
  • Fruit Roll-ups – one of my favorites, I always have a few in my purse, especially when I’m flying
  • Candy – I couldn’t help myself, I just had to pack something sweet

Road Trip Snacks on

Oh and don’t forget the Wet Wipes for cleaning up in a hurry! We grabbed everything we needed at Walmart and we are ready for our next road trip!

What’s your favorite Road Trip Snack?



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