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DIY Snowman Ornaments

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Let the Christmas crafting begin! These adorable Snowman Ornaments make great tree decorations, gifts or add them to presents! The kids can help too!

Thank you to Duck Tape for sponsoring this project. As always, the opinions are our own.

Snowman Ornaments DIY

I always found it interesting that I while I don’t really like the snow – even though I live in the snow belt and get about 120 inches each year – I do LOVE decorating with snowmen! I think it’s also really fun to decorate with snowmen for Christmas, because they can stay up just a little longer after the holidays are over.

If you familiar with this site, you know that we love Duck Tape! It’s fun to be creative with all of the fun tapes, especially the new Texture and Mirror Tapes.

Snowman Ornaments DIY

You will just need a few supplies to make these adorable Snowman Ornaments!

Supplies to make Snowman Ornaments

Here are the supplies you will need –

Snowman Ornaments

Step 1

  • Cover one side of wood with white Duck Tape

Snowman Ornaments

Step 2 – Hat

  • Add Duck Tape Texture Tape in 2 separate strips
  • The bottom strip should be about 1/2 inch longer on each side to create the hat. Fold the Duck Tape back on itself to stick together, then cut where it is folded and reapply it together. This will make a nice clean edge.

Snowman Ornaments

Step 3 – Nose

  • Cut a small triangle for the nose with orange Duck Tape

Snowman Ornaments

Step 4 – Face

  • Cut small square pieces of black Duck Tape for the eyes and mouth. You can also use the hole punch to make round eyes, and cut a variety of different pieces for the mouth to resemble coal.

Snowman Ornaments

Step 5 – Scarf

  • Using the Duck Tape Texture Tapes, add a strip for the scarf. Then cut 2 smaller pieces and attach them with Duck Tape or adhesive.

Snowman Ornaments

Step 6 – Hanger

  • Cut a piece of ribbon or twine, make a loop with a knot on the end. Glue it to the back of the snowman ornament.

Snowman Ornaments

Step 7

  • To finish off the back side of the snowman ornament, add more white Duck Tape

Snowman Ornaments DIY

The options on endless on how you can decorate your Snowman Ornaments.

Snowman Ornaments DIY

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