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S’mores Bar Ideas

S'mores Bar on table with menu

It’s time to gather around with family and friends and enjoy these S’mores Bar ideas. The crunch of the graham cracker and the ooey gooey marshmallows are always a treat! 

S'mores Bar on table with menu

Last month for my son’s wedding, my daughter-in-love asked for a S’mores Bar. The destination wedding was in Tennessee for family and close friends, and then a couple weeks later we had a reception here locally. 

After the ceremony, that was in the Smoky Mountains, we had a simple reception with wedding cake and S’mores for dessert. 

The S’mores Bar with the printable menu was such a hit, I thought you all would like to have the printable as well. 

S'mores Menu printable

Whether you are enjoying a treat in the backyard around the fire pit, or camping, S’mores are one of those treats that take you back to childhood. Anytime I serve S’mores or a recipe with the S’more flavors, they are always a hit. 

Tray with S'mores Bar ingredients

S’mores Bar Ideas

The options are endless for different varieties of S’mores. Here is what we served for our S’mores Bar – 

  • Original S’mores – graham cracker, milk chocolate bar and marshmallow
  • Grasshopper – graham cracker, Andes mints and marshmallow
  • Peanut Dream – graham cracker, peanut butter cup and marshmallow
  • Sweet and Salty – Ritz cracker, milk chocolate bar and marshmallow
  • Death by Chocolate – chocolate graham cracker, dark chocolate bar and marshmallow

Marshmallows come in lots of different sizes as well as flavors. The original round marshmallows are great for the Ritz crackers and other smaller S’mores, or if you just don’t like a lot of marshmallow. The newer square marshmallows are considerably larger, and cover the whole cracker. 

There are also flavored marshmallows, we also served Cookie Dough and Strawberry Marshmallows from Smash Mallow. They were a hit! 

Along with the graham crackers and Ritz crackers, we added chocolate chip cookies for another flavored S’more. 

S'mores made with different crackers and marshmallows

Which kind of S’more is your favorite? Are you more traditional or do you like a little adventure?

S'mores Bar on table with menu

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S'mores Bar Ideas


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