Olympic Cupcakes, Crafts and Decorating

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Well, we are here…it’s time for the The Olympic Games! We have had a blast creating the Olympic Cupcakes, Crafts and Decorating ideas for you, I hope you have enjoyed them.

So for today, let’s re-cap what we have been up to, and for more ideas, please visit my Olympics Pinterest Board.

Olympics Crafts and Cupcakes | FREE World Flag Toppers | on HoosierHomemade.com

Let’s start with a favorite…Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Printable Olympic World Flag Cupcake Toppers

DIY Olympic Torch

Backyard Olympic Games

How to make a Family Flag

Olympic Rings Decoration

German Peach Kuchen Dessert

Recipes from Around the World

Will you be celebrating the Olympics? Share your ideas with us!


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