New Year’s Eve Party Favors

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Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? Are you thinking about New Year’s Eve yet? I love hosting a New Year’s Eve party and celebrating the past year while looking forward to next year!  Read More

New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters

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As promised, I have another New Year’s Eve Cupcake for you! But never fear…they are super easy. Do you remember the Candy Cane Cupcake Shooters from Christmas? These New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters are just like them, I just changed up the colors and flavors.

I used the same Shot Glasses that I found at Pier 1 {they call them Cordial Glasses}, mini vanilla cupcakes with festive silver and blue colors. Here is what you will need…


New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters

Fun and festive New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters from


  • Shot Glasses or other small glass
  • Any flavor Mini Cupcakes, a sheet cake or even a square cake
  • Small round cookie cutter – I used the inside of a doughnut cutter
  • Decorating Icing or your favorite frosting
  • Wilton Sky Blue Coloring or other color
  • Decorator bag fitted with a #1M Tip
  • Silver Sprinkles
  • Blue colored sugar – I mixed 2 shades of blue
  • Frilly pick – I found those at Pier 1 also {optional}
  • %


  1. Bake the cupcakes, no liners needed, let cool completely.
  2. Cut with small round cookie cutter.
  3. Color icing with Sky Blue coloring, fit a decorator bag with a #1M Tip, and fill with icing.
  4. Layer cupcake, icing, and sprinkles.
  5. Repeat layers and add a frilly pick if you like.
  6. %

The color options are endless. I think they would even make a great Baby or Bridal Shower treat, be sure to serve with a spoon though.

And in case you don’t have the shot glasses, I thought I’d share how they look in a small votive glass. Just about any little glass will do, you could even use a clear plastic glass if you are feeding a crowd. I used the whole mini cupcake in these, you will need to adjust the size of your cupcake depending on the size of the glass.

And yes, there are more New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

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Welcome to Cupcake Tuesday! I’m so glad to have you! I have updated the Cupcake Heaven page, there are over 150 designs and recipes! Check it out!!

Happy New Year!! Is it really almost 2012? Are you as surprised and blown away by that as I am?

I had every intention of sharing the New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters with you today, but…well time got away from me and honestly, since I’m supposed to be on a little break this week, I decided to take my son shopping instead of creating cupcakes. Never fear though, I will share them later this week AND I have some fun New Year’s Eve Cupcakes for you today too!

These fun New Year’s Eve Cocktail Cupcakes are super easy to create and a blast to eat! Just bake the cupcake right in the cocktail glass and decorate with white or even silver. For full instructions and a video on how to bake cupcakes in a glass, head on over and check out the Cocktail Cupcakes.

I added stars made with Jolly Rancher candy to these New Year’s Eve Cupcakes. The stars are easy and look really pretty too.

No time to decorate? Add a horn to the cupcake for a festive touch. Just bake up your favorite cupcake, frost and add a horn, then your guests will have dessert and be ready to ring in the New Year!

And hot from the kitchen…New Year’s Eve Cupcake Shooters

New Year's Eve Countdown Bags with FREE Printable Clocks | Available on

Make some fun Countdown Bags for your New Year’s Eve Celebration!

New Year’s Cupcakes for the Cupcake Challenge

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Welcome to the last week of The Holiday Cupcake Challenge! We have been celebrating the Holidays all month long with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s!

In case you are just joining us, let me update you a little…

Our first week we enjoyed Holiday Flavors and then it was all about Thanksgiving! We shared our Christmas Cupcakes last week!

When I started planning the Holiday Cupcake Challenge, I tried to come up with a different theme each week. And honestly, I wasn’t really thinking that we would be sharing New Year’s Cupcakes before Thanksgiving. So, I apologize!!

If you have a New Year’s Cupcake to share, great! If you still have Christmas Cupcakes you would like to share, I’m opening the Challenge up to include Christmas this week as well!!

Feel free to share your cupcake even if it’s not Christmas or New Year’s for Cupcake Tuesday!

New Year’s Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream Frosting

Quite awhile ago, we made Jolly Rancher Lollipops, so when I saw the idea in What’s New, Cupcake? book to use cookie cutters to mold hard candy, I thought they would be perfect to celebrate the New Year!!


New Year’s Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream Frosting

Ring in the New Year with New Year’s Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream Frosting from


Candy Stars

  • Jolly Ranchers (we had to buy 3 small bags to get enough blue and purple)
  • cookie cutters
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • foil

Champagne Frosting


Candy Stars

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cover a cookie sheet with foil.
  3. Unwrap 4 Jolly Ranchers of the same flavor.
  4. Place them side by side like I have in the picture.
  5. %
  6. Note: In the What’s New, Cupcake? book , they crushed the candy before baking it. I wanted the stars to be a little thicker, so I didn’t crush mine.
  7. Bake for about 4-5 minutes, watch them closely, because they melt super fast.
  8. Heavily spray cookie cutters with cooking spray and push them into the candy.
  9. Let it cool until you can touch it.
  10. Carefully remove the foil from the back of the candy and VERY carefully break off the excess candy, then remove the star from the cookie cutter.
  11. Place them on wax paper (there is foil under the wax paper for the picture).
  12. %
  13. If you have some candy that breaks, like I did, that’s okay, you can still use them by placing that side into the frosting.

Champagne Frosting

  1. Beat the butter and shortening until creamy, gradually add the powdered sugar and Champagne until desired consistency. You may need to add a little more sugar or liquid depending on how thick or thin you want your frosting.
  2. %

Add the Decorations

  1. I baked my cupcakes in silver liners to add a little more sparkle!
  2. After your cupcakes (any flavor) have cooled, mound frosting in the middle and spread, covering the entire cupcake.
  3. Sprinkle with white jimmies and white sugar pearls.
  4. Place your stars in the middle.
  5. %

And since we have a little challenge going on, let me update you…our first week Brenna of Ingredients of a 20something won the Holiday Flavor Challenge with her Egg Nog Cupcakes!! She won the What’s New Cupcake 2011 Calendar! The second week was Thanksgiving, today is the LAST DAY to vote!! And ummm…Brenna is winning again!! That is perfectly fine…just trying to get the competition heated up a little!


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