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Sometimes it takes me a couple {or more} times, when I’m decorating, to really figure out what I want. I also like to change things up quite a bit, and especially from year to year. When Doug & I planted the window boxes and other annual flowers last week, I just wasn’t happy with the watering cans.

After sleeping in a bit last Sunday from my very late arrival on Saturday night from the Evo Conference {thanks again Apartment Guide}, I really wanted to spend the day with Doug and Casey. Nick was away at a Baseball Tournament and Andrew had to work. So, we headed out for breakfast and hit a few nurserys. I gathered a few more supplies around town and yesterday, Doug and I finished the Front Porch Decorating.

Let’s take a closer look…

The wicker chair came from the folks across the street, it has a broken leg in the back, so they had it out for the trash. Yes, I went trash pickin’! I added an antique quilt and old doll that I had. Set the ladder next to it and added a couple planters. The planter on the top has Rose Pink Nemesia and Royal Purple Lanai. I added a couple small candle holders for interest, and the planter on the bottom has Icicles {right} and I’m sorry I don’t know the plant on the left.

We had zinnias in the antique watering cans, and I just didn’t like them. So we changed them, and added Silver Falls {trailing} and a Dragon Wing Begonia. I’m much happier with them now.

Doug planted the zinnias in my galvanzied double bucket. I added an old chair in the middle of the landscaping, added a grapevine wreath and a lawn ornament.

We needed just a little something at the bottom of the steps, so we decided to plant up some hanging pots and display them on hooks.

I found the planters at Walmart, they were only $7. We added a Petunia that will trail, Bombay White Scaevola, Asparagus Fern and Tricolor Sage that will also trail. The key to saving money on planters, is to plant your own. And remember, the larger the planter, the more soil and plants you have to buy to fill it.

We sat the plants in to see how we wanted them, and Doug {the best helper in the world!} started planting.

I love how everything turned out, but one of my very favorite areas, doesn’t have flowers at all.

Last year I planted flowers in this wooden box, but since we got such a late start this year, the nurserys just didn’t have the selection left.

The wire basket filled with aqua mason jars came from the Living Room, and then I filled the holes with more aqua mason jars, a couple old bottles, and odds and ends I had in my stash.

As part of the landscaping that Doug did last year, he planted these DayLillies. Aren’t they gorgeous??

I will leave you will this beautiful yellow DayLilly! This picture was taken with the Point-N-Shoot camera that I use ALL the time for everything, including my food photos. It’s an older model, passed on to me from Amy Green over at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, over a year ago.

I just love how the sun is peaking through the tree and casting a little shadow on the flower.

Gratitude Journal: I’m thankful today for the beautiful plants and flowers that God has given us to bring sunshine to our lives.

Have you decorated your front porch lately?

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