Landscaping ~ Creating Curb Appeal

Making the outside of our home beautiful and creating curb appeal is very important to me. My love for flowers and landscaping comes from my parents. They had a beautiful yard and my Mom was a florist for 40 years.

This is our second Summer in our home, and last year, we never got around to working on the outside. So, this year, we were determined to get it done.

I’m sharing our step-by-step process with you, hoping I’ll inspire you to create your own curb appeal.

One of the things I love about our home, are the Window Boxes. We knew we wanted to paint, do the landscaping, the planters and window boxes. We have been working for several weeks on the landscaping and painting (well, actually Doug has been doing most of it), and we had some great before pictures. Then I got a new computer, and thought the old computer would last long enough for me to pull all the pictures off, but..well, it didn’t. So we will just have to use what pictures I have.

The front porch and steps were in desperate need of painting, they were a pale pink color. We also wanted the trim to stand out more, so we painted it also. The window boxes got painted the same color as the trim. And we painted the railing black.

We wanted the window boxes to match the style of our home, and not distract from the new painting, so we chose plants that are muted colors, with just a pop of color here and there.

After completing most of the painting, we added some planters and did a few projects.

My little wagon is my favorite, the house numbers were really simple too!

While visiting my Father-in-law several weeks ago, and rummaging around in the barns, (remember, my Chicken Feeder?) Doug found this really cool tricycle.

Isn’t it just darling? Now I just need a little basket in front!

I added my very favorite, Antique Watering Cans filled with impatiens, on the steps.

And Doug created this awesome planter by the door.

And tucked under our Smoke Tree, an old ladder with some of the Birdhouses that my Dad made.

How do you decorate your yard? 

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  1. I am so glad I came across this post – so many ideas for stuff just sitting in my shed. I can’t wait to ‘copy’ some of these gorgeous ideas!

  2. Your house is darling. I love the watering cans on the steps and the wagon too. Thanks for sharing.

    visiting from tgp…

  3. Your yard is amazing! I love your window boxes – and the wagon is a perfect touch! Thnaks for sharing!!

  4. Your boxes are lovely. I admire planters of all kinds, but I’ve learned (unfortunately) that I am not a responsible enough gardener to keep them alive, much less blooming. :/ All it takes is one day, and they’re dead in the Missouri heat. One of these days I’ll figure out how to “curb appeal” my house. In the meantime, I’ll just slobber over yours. 🙂

  5. Beautiful!! I adore the little bike! And, I love impatiens too. Simply lovely!

  6. Congrats on improving not only the looks of your home, but it’s value. I’m sure it feels so good to work hard and see it really pay off. Love the window boxes and your pretty choice of flowers.

  7. The exterior of your home is really lovely. All of your additions are beautiful, I really love the tricycle and the ladder. Your flower boxes and flowers are so pretty, too.

  8. I hope you did not give up on getting the pictures off your old harddrive. It can be done. (I have gurus, not real advice.)
    Your house definitely has APPEAL.
    All my neighbors have prettier front yards than we do. I try to spruce things up for holidays, but we need every day color.

  9. Love that little bike with the training wheels!! I can remember when our son was learning to ride- he was thrilled when he finally got to take them off and ride “big boy” style. Your house looks comfy, cozy, and very well taken care of. Like the little wagon and all of your accessorizing. I’m “borrowing” the idea of the little step ladder to feature my birdhouses. Thanks for the idea!!
    🙂 Sue

  10. LOVE your landscaping! I have no style what so ever when it comes to stuff like that. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  11. jamie creative cupcakes says:

    Your flowers are so pretty. I love the antique watering cans, and the way you have them going up the steps. I saw a miniature bicycle at Home Goods with flower pots attached to the seat, and a basket on the handlebars. What a great idea, to get your own old bike.

  12. Amber Smith says:

    What a warm feeling your home has. Just beautiful!

  13. Love your landscaping!

    This year we are tackling our home with Project: Major Home Addition. Next year we move onto Project: Landscape This Place. 🙂

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