Baking for the Holidays

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Every week, Tiffany from Eat at Home and I are sharing tips for Prep & Planning: Steps to a Peaceful Holiday. Today, it’s all about baking…my favorite!

With everything you need to get done during the Holidays, wouldn’t be nice to have some of the baking done ahead? Join us tomorrow {Wed} for a Virtual Baking Party on Facebook, as we share recipes and ideas to help us prepare for the Holidays.

And don’t forget to print out your FREE Holiday Planner over at Eat at Home!

Here are some recipes to get you started…

Quick Breads:



Like I have mentioned before, I’m not the best rolled, cut out cookie baker. I’m hoping it’s because I don’t make them very much. But if you are looking for Decorated Cookie ideas, then Sweet Sugar Belle is the place you want to go. And she just shared her tips on Baking the Perfect Sugar Cookie!  Amazing!! See what I mean…


Although you may not think of preparing your cupcakes ahead, they actually freeze really well. You can freeze the batter as well as the cupcakes after you bake them.

Freezing Cupcakes:

  • Place cake batter in a resealable container and plastic resealable bag and seal tightly
  • Place cupcake liners in pan, fill with batter, wrap in plastic and flash freeze {2-3 hours} remove from freezer and place cupcakes in a resealable bag. Place back in freezer
  • Place cake batter in disposable cupcake pans to freeze. Remove from freezer, let thaw and bake in pan.
  • Batter can be frozen up to 3 months if wrapped tightly
  • For more information on Freezing Cupcakes, visit The Kitchn

For over 150 cupcake recipes and ideas, visit Cupcake Heaven!

Join Tiffany and I every week as we share Prep & Planning: Steps to a Peaceful Holiday

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Week #2: Freezing Party Foods

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