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April Fool’s Day Cupcakes: Cupcake Corner

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Welcome to Cupcake Corner! My little corner of the cupcake world!

April Fool’s Day is a day to have fun playing pranks on family and friends. In our house, we have fun with our food! I usually make a fun April Fool’s Day Dinner {I will update it this year for you} and of course, we have cupcakes too!

Here are some ideas for having fun with your food…cupcake style!

Chicken Nugget & Fry Cupcakes

I created these for Andrew’s birthday last year, but they are perfect for April Fool’s Day.

Corn on the Cob and Hamburger Cupcakes

Corn on the Cob and Hamburgers that I made for Memorial Day were tons of fun! I have a video for them too.

Snow Cone Cupcakes

Your kiddos will love these Snow Cone Cupcakes…there is video for these too.

Spaghetti & Meatballs Cupcakes

These fun cupcakes were shared by Kimberly from Raising Olives. She made them for her hubby’s birthday.

TV Dinner Cupcakes

Delectable Edibles created this Mock TV Dinner. I found them via Tip Junkie…she has more ideas too!

Update: check out my new April Fool’s Day Dinner ideas



  1. Bitterroot Mama says:

    Great ideas! It makes me hungry for hamburgers and spaghetti though. 🙂

  2. Hahaha! I love these! I have a cupcake book with lots of super-cute ideas but I’ve never tried them. I usually end up making bigger cakes. I especially love the spaghetti cupcakes–very real looking 🙂

    Oh, saw you on Works for me Wednesday 🙂

  3. I love this kind of thing! Adorableness (is that a word, LOL) but you know what I mean. I love the nuggets 🙂

  4. How cute are these! Thanks for the idea so I can do something fun for hubby on April 1st!

  5. Those ideas are too cute. I had seen the hamburger cupcakes on bakerella but the others are new to me. That sounds like lots of fun for April Fools!

  6. Those look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Those are very cute! I recognize several of them from the Hello Cupcake book–one of my favorites!

  8. One year I made my kids “grilled cheese” which was really toasted pound cake with orange frosting and individual “cakes” which were really a simple sandwich made with hamburger buns and frosted with tinted cream cheese. It was a big hit!

    Since April 1 is on a Friday this year, and they will be at school for lunch and then going to Grandma’s for dinner, I’m trying to figure out a good “trick” breakfast!

  9. Love those! Making cupcakes right now. Looking for ideas. I might use one of those ideas.
    Thank you for sharing.

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