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Valentine’s Craft: How to make Paper Hearts

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So if you have been around here for awhile you probably have noticed that I love holidays…really L-O-V-E holidays! My plan was to start a 14 day series with Valentine’s Day ideas that I wanted to share with you…but then I made my list…and yes, like I said, I love holidays…so stay tuned for lots and lots of fun Valentine’s Day ideas, because honestly, there are so many projects and treats that I want to share, I may run out of time.

I don’t plan on posting Valentine’s Day ideas every single day, we certainly would not want to get tired of them now would we? But stay tuned…because Hoosier Homemade will definitely be your go to spot for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s get this party started with these adorable Paper Hearts! Oh and…besides loving holidays, I’m also a very visual person, so be aware, this post has lots of great photos so you can see exactly how easy it is to make paper hearts!

Super cute? Yes, I think so!

And I think they are even cuter hanging on the Mantel! Now, let’s get started…

Paper Hearts Supplies

  • Scrapbook Paper – any kind will work, 12×12″ size works the best
  • Straightedge cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Brads – fasteners found in the scrapbooking area
  • Twine or other ribbon to hang the paper hearts with
  • Scissors

I first spotted these Paper Hearts on Pinterest, and followed the links to find the tutorial on Roots and Wings Co. I re-worked their tutorial to figure out an easy way to share with you. The Paper Hearts are not difficult, they did take some time though.

Here are the step by step photos, hopefully they will make them easier for you…

Step 1

  • Cut strips of paper, 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. Or how ever long your paper is.

Step 2

  • For each heart, you will need 10 pieces of paper = 5 different patterns

Step 3

  • For the largest heart, begin with a 12 inch strip of paper.
  • Then cut each piece 1 inch shorter. You should have…
  • 2 = 12 inch strips // 2 = 11 inch strips // 2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = 9 inch strips // 2 = 8 inch strips

Step 4

  • Stack the strips of paper beginning with the shortest on the bottom and the patterns facing up toward you, into 2 piles

Step 5

  • Make sure the edges are lined up, and punch a hole in the end, about 1/4 inch from the edge. If your hole punch is strong enough, punch all the strips at once. If not, punch one set, then use one of the strips as a pattern to punch the other set.

Step 6

  • Now, lay the papers together with the 2 longest pieces facing together, right sides together. Making sure the holes are lined up, then attach the brad fastener.

Step 7

  • Now it’s time to form the heart shape. Bring each of the ends together until they match and punch a hole. Do the same on both sides, using the hole you punched on the other side as a guide.

Step 8

  • Now attach the brad fastener and you are ready to hang the paper hearts.

Each paper heart was strung with red twine, simply wrapped around the brad and secured onto the fabric on the Mantel.

I made 3 different sizes, here are the sizes I used, but basically each strip needs to be 1 inch shorter…

Medium Paper Hearts

2 = 10 inch strips // 2 = 9 inch strips // 2= 8 inch strips // 2 = 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips

Smallest Paper Hearts

2 = 8 inch strips // 2= 7 inch strips // 2 = 6 inch strips // 2 = 5 inch strips // 2 = 4 inch strips

Check out the Valentine’s Day Mantel!



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