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How to Make Fabric Hearts

The options are endless for these adorable fabric hearts – perfect for Valentine’s Day crafts, decorating or to add to a gift. Let me show you how to make fabric hearts! They are super easy and lots of fun! You won’t need any special tools and the kids can even help stuff them!

Learn how to make these colorful Fabric Hearts! Hang the fabric hearts on a string, decorate with them, or use them on a wreath - the options are endless! Pin to your DIY Board!

I have been a long time lover of fabric. Some (my husband, Doug) may even call me a fabric hoarder. I used to sew many of the clothes that the boys wore, and even created matching outfits for the holidays several times. It’s been many years since I did that, but my love for creating, especially crafts, with fabric still lives on. These fabric hearts were so fun to make! I did all the cutting, then sewed and stuffed them while watching TV one evening.

Fabric Hearts on a Stick

After the fabric hearts were all done, we added wooden skewers to them and displayed them on the Valentine’s Day Mantel.

How to Make Fabric Hearts

I love how they look on the Mantel, but really, I love them just in a big pile too!

Let’s get busy –

How to make fabric hearts

First, you will need some supplies. There are only a few, and some you may already have at home.

Fabric Hearts Supplies

  • Fabric – we chose bright colors and used 2 packs, one has different shades of pink and the other has bright colors- there is a great selection online now!
  • Stuffing or Batting
  • Embroidery Floss – we chose matching, but you could also use a contrasting color
  • Needle – I like using the yarn darners because they have a large eye to thread the floss through
  • Scissors
  • Skewer or tool to push the batting into the heart
  • Pattern

Learn how to make these colorful Fabric Hearts! Hang the fabric hearts on a string, decorate with them, or use them on a wreath - the options are endless! Pin to your DIY Board!

How to make Fabric Hearts

  1. Lay fabric right sides together and trace around pattern with a pen or pencil. Cut out heart.
  2. Cut the embroidery floss pretty long, about 24-30 inches, depending on the size of your heart, thread the needle and put a knot in one end
  3. Place the hearts wrong side together. begin by putting your needle into the top heart and hiding the knot between the layers
  4. Make another stitch directly on top of the first hole and pull through ALMOST completely, leave a small loop and put the needle through the loop. Pull firmly but not tight. This is your first stitch and it creates the base for the blanket stitch.
  5. Begin the blanket stitch by putting the needle in through both layers. The distance and length of stitch is totally up to you. I like the stitches to be as uniform as possible, so I keep the length the same and the distance about 1/8 inch or less apart. Create a loop and put your needle through the loop to create the stitch.
  6. Continue around the edge of the heart. To make the point smooth and not pucker, create 3 stitches – 1 stitch at an angle, the next stitch directly in the center and the third stitch at an angle.
  7. Continue around the second edge of the heart leaving about 1 inch open. Leave the thread on the needle and attached to the heart. Stuff the heart with batting using the skewer or other tool.
  8. Close up the heart by continuing with the blanket stitch until you reach the point and tie off the floss.

Fabric Hearts on a Stick

When you have all the hearts made, the options are endless for decorating or giving as gifts. For our Valentine’s Day Mantel, we added a wooden skewer to the heart and displayed them in clear glass containers. You could also add a string and hang your hearts on a string or add them to a gift.

Valentine's Day Mantel

Here’s a sneak peek at our Valentine’s Day Mantel. Watch for more details on Wednesday.

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    1. Thanks so much Tonya! I’m thrilled you like the fabric hearts and hope your granddaughter will too!

  1. Goodness Adepoju says:

    Thanks a bunch this was a life saver for my dad’s birthday

  2. These hearts are so cute! I love decorating with hearts – even when its not Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing how to make these – pinned. I too have a lot of fabric since I sew a lot – I also have a lot of yarn since I knit and crochet, too.

  3. Those are adorable, I just love the colours and how you displayed them.

  4. These are adorable! Lovin the mantle, especially that xo string art! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Sharing on Twitter! Have a great week!

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