Gardening with Antiques

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I couldn’t wait any longer to share my wagon with you! I’m just so tickled with how it turned out.

We have been working on the front of our house for a couple months, landscaping, painting, and planting flowers. More to come on that soon…

If you’ve been around here, you probably know that I’m kinda a nut for old, broken junk. Really, I suppose they are Antiques, but many people see them as junk…I see them as treasurers! I also love to use my treasurers for things they weren’t really meant to be used for, like my wagon and watering cans (coming soon too). Gardening with Antiques can add a lot of whimsy to any garden or even a Front Porch area.

  1. My wagon had seen better days
  2. Actually it was a lot easier to work with since it was in pieces
  3. We looked several places to find some neat numbers to just apply to the wagon, but only found ones that were really expensive. We needed house numbers anyway, so we bought these and I just used them as stencils.
  4. I laid them on the piece of wood, spacing them out evenly
  5. And using a white crayon, I just traced around them
  6. Here are the numbers all traced
  7. Then I used a little left over paint from the porch, and filled in the numbers, then used a fine tip paint brush to make sure the white wasn’t showing
  8. We will use the numbers on the peak of the Front Porch
  9. Then I put the wagon in the front flower bed, before filling it with compost and potting soil. I didn’t drill any holes in it because the sides don’t fit tight anyway, so the water easily drains out.

This is right after I planted the plants.

And this is about 10 days after planting, the plants sure do grow quickly and fill in.

Do you garden or plant flowers? Share with us what you like planting your flowers in.

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