Italian Gift Basket

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This Italian Gift Basket goes together in minutes and includes an Instant Pot as the basket. Add your favorite ingredients for an easy Spaghetti Dinner. 

Instant Pot filled with Italian Dinner supplies

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Italian Dinner supplies in Instant Pot

Do you have a cook on your list that loves making fun dinners at home? Then this Italian Gift Basket is perfect! 

Italian Gift Basket


  • Instant Pot – you could also use a Slow Cooker or regular basket
  • Pasta – you can find different pasta shapes at stores like Trader Joes or Home Goods. You can also use regular pasta. 
  • Sauce – make your own and add it to a glass jar or store bought pasta sauce is fine too. To make the jar look more festive, use washi tape to cover the lid. 
  • Wine and Glasses  – your favorite is fine 
  • Bread – make your own or grab a loaf at the bakery
  • Olive Oil – for cooking or drizzling on the bread is a great addition
  • Napkin or Kitchen Towel
  • Shredded paper for filler

Other options to add

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Homemade Holiday Inspiration

Italian Gift Basket in Instant Pot

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