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How to Organize a Chest Freezer

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If you have a chest freezer in your home, it may be a complete mess. It’s so easy to get home from the store and throw all of the frozen goods in there. One of the bad things about just throwing items in there is that food can get forgotten about. And if you’re on a budget or just want to use up the items in your fridge, forgotten about food is not a good thing. Check out some of these tips for how to organize a chest freezer.

No need to dig to the bottom of your freezer any more! Learn how to organize a chest freezer in 5 SIMPLE steps!

Decide What Goes In

If you’re going to keep your chest freezer organized, you’ll need to decide what’s going to go in. You can’t just throw anything and everything in there and expect it to stay organized. One of the best ways for starting this organizing adventure it to decide what will go inside of the chest freezer. There is no right or wrong, but you do need an idea.

Color Coding

One of our favorite ways to organize around here is color coding. You may have read our bedroom organizing ideas post where we talked about color coding your items. The same thing works well for color coding items in the chest freezer. Most items you put in the freezer need to be rewrapped anyways, so they can keep. So, why not color code items to make it work even more to your advantage? One way to color code may be to wrap the chicken in orange and the beef in red. This is a great way to keep things organized and keep you on top of what’s in your chest freezer.

Proper Labeling is a Must

If you own a chest freezer, then you know things can go downhill fast in the organization department. A little secret to organizing a chest freezer is to label everything. Even if you color code, put the date in which the item went into the freezer and when it expires. Even if you are freezing stuff, you’ll probably want to use up the oldest items first.

Utilize Open Bins

Depending on how big your chest freeze is, open bins can work wonders. This works especially great if you have a lot of smaller items that you freeze. You don’t want to dig through your chest freezer looking for items, so having open bins really does help keep things organized in your chest freezer.

Block off Sections

One of my favorite chest freezer organization ideas is to block off sections. You can use a firm piece of plastic of board to put sections in your freezer. One section meat, one section veggies, and another miscellaneous. One of the worst parts of a chest freezer is digging through trying to find what you’re looking for.

Trying to organize your chest freezer is a brilliant idea. You’ll spend less time digging in your freezer and more time with your family. Who can say no to spending more time with their family?

What are your best ideas for organizing your chest freezer?

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