Decorating your Home for Winter

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Seems like time just slips away, I can hardly believe that January is half over. Before the time slips even further away, and I start decorating for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to be sure to share the rest of my Winter Decorating with you.

I love our Christmas decorations, but after they all come down, the house looked very bare.  After I decorated the Mantle, it was time to get busy on the rest of the house.

The Front Foyer

I like having a little light in the Foyer, but didn’t really want a Tree out there. So, I added some fresh green to a wire basket, added the lights, more green and then a few Pine Cones.

An antique sled with skates and a scarf, and a large wooden Snowman were added too.

The Dining Room

I left the Garland above the window, I like the glow of the white lights at night. Then added some Snowflakes and the Aqua Mason Jars.

I added some Epsom Salt and a small battery operated candle to some of the jars, and crystal beads to the other two.

The Winter Tree that was in the Front Foyer during the Holidays, found a new home in the corner. The tree is dressed with a wool scarf, mittens and a hat. I added some snowflakes and icicles. And kept a few of my favorite Snowman Ornaments out from the Snowman Tree.

On the Buffet, I placed a lace tablecloth, some more of my favorite Snowmen and a Glass Hurricane filled with Pine Cones.

I love decorating with Pine Cones, they add such great texture, and most of all, they are free! The Snowman and Lady are some that I made years ago. Love the little birds nest on her head.

The Living Room

We moved the Entertainment Center around, and seem to like it much better in this spot. Plus, now I can see the TV from my office…look, it’s Barefoot Contessa, one of my favorite Food Network Stars.

On top, I added an old box, vintage truck and some antique lanterns. A few more of the Aqua Mason Jars with Epsom Salt and candles and a couple Snowmen.

Just to the left of the Entertainment Center, I added a small table and brought back in the antique car and horse. Love them!

Some more Pine Cones in a galvanized bucket, a lantern and a few Snowmen.

Do you decorate your Home for Winter?

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  1. Love the blue canning jars the best. Thanks for sharing your winter decor.

  2. Wow beautiful decor. I expecially love the and candles on my mantel. 🙂 A lovely transition from Christmas to winter decor!

  3. I love the aqua jars in your window, looks great with the light shining through! I also posted a link with my aqua mason jars, great minds think alike : ) so happy to have found your blog, looks like a lot of good stuff to go through!

  4. I love those aqua mason jars filled with salts and candles. SOOOO cute. Where do you find jars tinted blue?

    1. I have found most of my jars at antique stores. You can also find them at flea markets sometimes.
      So glad you like them!

  5. Beautiful! I’m glad to see that other people leave their snowpeople out after Christmas! I also like how you have repurposed your tree with the hats and mittens…very clever!! I’m going to save you in my favorites!!

  6. Love that snowman that is all snowman heads. My lil sis collects, something like that would be a good thing for her collection!

  7. I like the mason jars, and I love the old lanterns!!

  8. Very sweet. Its so warm and inviting. A welcome to the cold out doors. I love decorating with old canning jars!

  9. Very lovely! I especially like your antique items. Those things add a nice touch!

  10. I LOVE your decorating style, especially the blue jars.

  11. Love the blue jars on the window sil!! Beautiful!

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