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Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Merry Christmas!

I couldn’t let Christmas go by without sharing the rest of my Christmas Trees and Decorations with you. During my Holiday Home Tour, I shared our Main Tree, Snowman Tree, Kitchen Tree and more.

For many years I have put up at least 8 Christmas trees, some of them are small, but most are full size. I actually added a couple different ones this year.

Welcoming our guests are the outside decorations…

On the porch, I filled a galvanized bucket with fresh green and added white lights and an antique sled with skates. The window boxes were also filled with fresh green and white lights. We used the tree that I used to have my Snowmen on, put it in a container and added white lights.

My Cupcake Tree is in my Office…I copied the cupcake photo from my header, added some construction paper to it and hung them with embroidery floss. I also found the cute little Cupcake ornaments at Walmart this year, they were 4 in a package for $2. I actually jumped up and down with excitement in Walmart when Doug pointed them out to me. I’m a dork…I know!

My oldest son, Andrew has collected Pez since he was a baby. Hundreds and hundreds of Pez later…we have many on the Pez Tree. And even a Pez bank as the topper. A couple favorite Christmas Pez…the Elf and Santa.

My youngest and middle son share a room, and they LOVE sports. So their Baseball Tree is white with blue lights and ornaments. A few baseball ornaments, orange and black balls for the school colors and a hat for the topper.

In our Bathroom, we have a small tree with white lights and blue ornaments. A couple Santas and Snowmen underneath.

During my Holiday Home Tour, I mentioned my Winter Tree and these antique lanterns. Well, it was my intention to fill them with Epsom Salt and candles, but when I tried to get them open, they wouldn’t budge, and I didn’t want to break them. So, I just filled some Aqua Mason Jars with the salt and some battery operated candles.

On the Winter Tree {it will stay up all Winter} I added a a scarf and some mittens, snowflakes, icicles and of course, white lights. The topper is an old red hat.

Do you decorate your Christmas Tree with a theme?


  1. regina fischer says:

    I have a very large candy tree in the kitchen (glass and ceramic candies of all kinds, cookie cutters, real candy canes); a rustic tree in Living room with rusty metal barn stars and hearts, snowflakes.In my bedroom a tree with crystal blown glass ornaments and gold lights.
    I loved looking at your trees.Thanks for sharing

  2. Love all your themed trees-I’m a theme gal myself-noah’s ark, cardinals, 12 days of christmas, golf tree and the mother load tree!! Enjoyed seeing all of yours too!! I’n a follower now!!

    1. Thanks so much! I love your ideas too…I might just have to add another tree next year 🙂
      Happy New Year!

  3. Rose in Ohio says:

    What an interesting assortment of trees. Have to admit that’s the first Pez tree I’ve ever seen….please tell Andrew I think it’s super cool!

    Wishing you and your loved ones the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of new years!

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