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Gumdrop Tree Cupcakes

Happy Cupcake Tuesday! I’m so excited you are here! Looking for a cupcake recipe? Be sure to check out the Cupcake Heaven page, there are over 200 cupcake recipes and decorating ideas!

How does the song go? Visions of Sugar Plums dancing in our heads…or is it Gumdrops?

After creating the Kiddie Breakfast with the Gumdrop Trees, I was inspired to create some Christmas Cupcakes for you using the bright colored Gumdrops. They are super easy and some that your kiddos will love to help with as well!

The Gumdrop Trees, made with sugar ice cream cones sit on top of a chocolate cupcake frosted with “pillows” of snow. I think the cupcakes with just the Gumdrops are cute too!

Let’s get started…

Gumdrop Tree Cupcakes


  • Cupcakes, baked and cooled
  • Frosting {I used Wilton Decorator Icing}
  • Ice cream cones, sugar or waffle
  • Gumdrops or Spice Drops
  • White nonpareils sprinkles
  • Candy sticks or candy canes
  • A small amount of melted chocolate to hold the stick in the cone
  • Sharp knife and cutting board


  1. Cut the tip off the gumdrop, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the gumdrop, it doesn’t have to be perfect
  2. Gently push gumdrops onto the ice cream cone, until completely covered
  3. Tip: You can cut a handful at a time, but don’t get too far ahead, the gumdrop will get dry and not stick to the ice cream cone
  4. After the “tree” is completely covered, add a gumdrop on the top. Use the knife to make a small hole in the bottom, if necessary.
  5. Melt a small amount of chocolate in the microwave to use as glue to attach the candy stick inside the tree. Dip the stick in the chocolate and gently push into the tree, holding for a couple minutes until set.
  6. Decorate cupcake with a round tip and white frosting, circling the frosting to look like piles of snow. Add nonpareils for a little snow effect if you like.
  7. After the chocolate is completely set, carefully push the stick into the cupcake.
  8. For the Gumdrop Cupcakes, use the leftover gumdrops for decoration on top.

Although these are perfect for Christmas Cupcakes, I think they would also work well for Birthday Cupcakes or even a Baby Shower with all the different colors.

Homemade for the Holidays


  1. This is a clever idea. These would look cute on a tray for the dessert table for Christmas dinner. Thanks for sharing.

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