Antique Watering Can with Flowers

By June 24, 2010June 22nd, 2012Featured Posts, Gardening

Antique Watering Cans are some of my favorite decorating items. I use them indoors during the Winter, and I add flowers to them during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.

Recently while landscaping the front of our home, I put together my  Antique Wagon and planted flowers in it. After that little project was done, I moved onto the Watering Cans.

  • Begin with an Antique Watering Can or any other planter that you like, be sure you have holes in the bottom for drainage
  • Fill about 3/4 full with potting soil…I use a mixture of potting soil and compost
  • Choose your flowers…I like impatiens in the Watering Cans because they fill in nicely and make a big splash of color
  • Divide plants, loosen the bottom so that the roots are not compact…they grow better that way, I uses usually 4-5 plants per Watering Can
  • Place in container and fill with soil
  • This is the Watering Can right after I planted it

I have 2 Antique Watering Cans and an Antique Double Bucket on my Front Porch.

I just absolutely love them! Do you plant flowers in unusual containers? Please share your ideas!

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