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How to make an Olympic Torch

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The 2012 Summer Olympics begin next Friday, whether you are a sports fan or not, I think it’s a fun opportunity to learn about and teach our children about all the different countries and their cultures. We actually happen to love watching the Olympics, from the Opening Ceremony clear through to the Closing Ceremonies, our TV doesn’t change channels very often.

Beginning today, and running for the next week or so, we have put together some fun ideas for you to celebrate the Olympic Games with your kiddos and family. We will be sharing crafts, decorations, desserts, cupcakes and some delicious food from around the world over on Pocket Change Gourmet. We are kicking it off with this easy to make Olympic Torch.

I’m super excited to show you how to make your own Olympic Torch, let’s get started…

First, you will need to spray paint the handle of the torch. We found this cone shape at Hobby Lobby, and it worked out perfectly. Doug used white paint as a primer, and Rustoleum Metallic Gold for the finish.

Working outside or in a well vented area, cover the cone with white paint. Let dry, about 30 minutes or until not tacky.

Then coat with gold spray paint, again, letting dry completely.

While the torch handle is drying, you can work on the flames. We used craft foam sheets, and they worked great. First you will need to either draw the flames on to the foam, if you are an artist, or if you are like me, I needed a template.

Print out the template, cut out each color of flames, and trace on to the foam. Then cut them out. For the cone we used, we needed 2 each of red and orange and 3 yellow flames.

Then using a hot glue gun, attach the flames, starting with red, and then adding the orange so that the flames are alternating a bit. Then add the yellow flames.

Olympic Torch Supplies

  • Handle – paper cone found at Hobby Lobby
  • White paint for primer
  • Gold Metallic Paint for final coat
  • Red, orange and yellow craft foam sheets found at Hobby Lobby
  • Template for flames
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Hot glue gun

Join us for an Olympic Celebration!

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