How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck

Making our home beautiful not only for others to see, but for ourselves is important. Creating an Outdoor Space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors is easier than you think. Our side yard was an area that needed attention, so we built a Wood Pallet Deck and added new Outdoor Furniture, Flowers and Decorations, creating an Outdoor Space that is warm and inviting!

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

When we first began thinking about creating a new Outdoor Space, we knew we wanted a comfortable spot to relax, have a drink and enjoy the weather. We have been wanting to build a deck area for many years, but let’s face it, decks can be expensive to build. So during a brainstorming session, Doug came up with the idea to build a Wood Pallet Deck. And I loved it!

Building with Wood Pallet’s are all the rage, and I love how cool and rustic they are, so I was excited about the idea. One problem though, Wood Pallet’s are often times too rough looking with broken pieces and the slats are too far apart. He assured me that he knew of a place that sold Wood Pallets and they weren’t all built with large openings.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

I’m simply thrilled with how the space turned out. It’s warm and inviting, yet it has a pop of color to draw your attention. Now, let’s build a deck…

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

This is where we began, our side yard was overgrown and needed attention.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

Wood Pallet Deck Supplies

  • Pallets – we bought ours at a local pallet manufacturer, they are 48 inches x 48 inches, 2 way barrel pallets  NOTE: These Pallets were made to hold 1000-1200 pounds of weight, they were made at a Pallet Manufacturer
  • Concrete Half Blocks – 8 inches  x 8 inches x 6 inches
  • Stain or Paint – we used Stain, because Paint tends to peel off of outdoor wood, we used Olympics Solid Stain in Sandstone color
  • Gravel and Sand for leveling

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

The number of Wood Pallets you will need will depend on the size of deck you want. We decided to start small and see how we liked it. We used 6 Wood Pallets to make an 8 foot x 12 foot deck.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

As I mentioned earlier, most of the Wood Pallets that you find are going to be rough. Next you will need to clean them with a deck cleaner, do any repairs to them and remove any stray nails.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

Now it’s time to stain the Wood Pallets. We sprayed the stain on, but you could certainly use a roller or brush. But if you have an extra $40-$60 in your budget, purchasing the sprayer is one of the best purchases we have ever made.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

Before the Deck is ready to be laid, you need to get the space ready. This is the most important part and the most time consuming.

  1. Clean out the area first by removing any unwanted weeds or plants.
  2. Determine the size of the block you will need. We chose to go with a Half Block, simply because of cost. You really don’t need a full block, you just need something to support the corners of the pallets.
  3. Determine the number of concrete blocks you will need. We used 12 for the 8 x 12 foot deck. You will need 1 block for each corner of each pallet.
  4. Place your blocks 4 feet apart.
  5. Dig a hole, at least twice as deep as the block.
  6. Add gravel and sand to the hole - using the same method as when we laid the Stone Walkway. Tamp it down firmly.
  7. Add the block to the hole and level.
  8. Level each block as you go.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

Now it’s time to lay down the Wood Pallets to form the Deck. Lay them on top of the blocks, being sure to lay the corners on top of the concrete blocks. You can lay them out in any direction you like. If you have a Wood Pallet that is not quite as good as the others, like we did, be sure to lay it where it will either be covered with a Rug, less seen or in low traffic areas.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

Be sure to let the deck set for at least 24 hours before adding your Outdoor Furniture and Decorations.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

We started with the Vivid Suzani Outdoor Rug, I love how it pulls everything together. It’s part of the Better Homes and Gardens line available at Walmart, and is 5 x 8 feet, perfect for the Deck.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

The Dining Chair Cushions match perfectly with the rug.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

And the pillow adds a pop of color to the chairs, and also matches the rug. Then we added the flowers. Last year, we used the tall red planter in front of our house and planted Better Homes and Gardens Annuals in it, the colors worked perfectly with the new rug, chair cushions and pillow.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

The orange Gerbera Daisy and white Alyssum go perfectly, we placed the terra cotta pot in a Scroll Frame Plant Stand from Better Homes and Gardens.

How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck : Outdoor Space | Details on #BHGRefresh

After everything was finished, it was time to sit and enjoy our new Outdoor Space. The table is the perfect size for a couple drinks, a tray and bowl with chips and salsa. The tray and bowl are also from Better Homes and Gardens, I love how everything coordinates.

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  1. Love the pallet deck and the refreshing patio decor! Pinning!
    Debbie refresh resytle recently posted..Fresh Idea Studio {Sharing Fresh Ideas}My Profile

  2. Debra says:

    This is so neat~

  3. Sandi says:

    Love this! What a wonderful idea.

  4. Pinned! I think you did a terrific job on this!
    Anne@DesignDreams recently posted..In the Spring GardenMy Profile

  5. This is such a neat idea. I love how you styled your pallet deck too. I was wondering if you had to apply for a permit with inspections to complete this? I know every place has different coding laws, but I’d like to renovate our landscape and would like to know more about the permit process. :)
    Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs recently posted..Mini Mudroom RevealMy Profile

    • Liz says:

      Hi Yvonne, no we did not have to apply for an inspection. I would check your local town though for their information.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I really like this idea! Thanks

  7. Tracy says:

    I have been looking at different ways I can add a sitting area to my backyard and like this idea. About how much did it cost, not including furnishings?

    • Liz says:

      Hi Tracy, we had some of the supplies already, but if you have to purchase everything, you could plan on spending around $120. We bought the pallets for $10 each, the blocks and stain. We had the sand and gravel already.

  8. abedabun dawn says:

    My friend works construction. He travels a lot with his travel trailer. He always places a pallet (he gets it from the job site) by his front door to help keep sand and dirt from getting into the trailer. I am going to email him this link. A patio would be nice so he can place lawn chairs on it.

  9. Kelly says:

    Do you have any trouble with shifting pallets? I would think you would need to secure the pallets to each other.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Kelly, We have not had any trouble. They are heavy enough that they stay in place, however, we aren’t dancing on the deck or throwing a party on it. ;-)

  10. Janis says:

    I am so glad I found this pallet deck. I have been wanting a deck area in the backyard. I think this will be great. So I called the hubby and ask if his work has some pallets to get rid of. They should be good because they make parts using large aluminum blocks.

  11. Liz, I just love this DIY! What a lovely use of pallets!
    Melissa @ Stockpiling Moms recently posted..10 Father’s Day RecipesMy Profile

  12. Sarah says:


    Love this so much! just a couple of questions if thats ok as I am doing this myself!
    How did you secure the pallets to the half block?
    Did you secure them together as well?
    Thank you x
    Sarah recently posted..How to Build a Wood Pallet DeckMy Profile

    • Liz says:

      Hi Sarah, we did not secure the pallets to the blocks or together. We have not had any issues with them, however it’s not a high traffic area. If you plan on having your space with more traffic, you will need to secure them with bolts and/or screws.

      • Kerry says:

        I have a quick question. Did you put the 4 corners that join up to each other on one block? I’m a little confused on how the corners joined up…

  13. gail says:

    Oh my gosh, you guys! I LOVE this new deck! It really looks so fabulous, and what a difference it makes in the space. I hate my backyard. I NEVER go there except to cut the grass. This would even make my yard more enjoyable.

    good luck, pinned!


  14. What a neat idea! I love that you painted the pallets and made them look cohesive, plus the rug and furniture are really pretty.
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Garage Storage ShelvesMy Profile

  15. What a great deck.I have been wanting to do this in a corner of my yard. Thanks for your inspiration.

  16. Becky says:

    I love it–pallets are the best! The rug and pillows are a perfect pop of color!
    Becky recently posted..I Will Take Mine on the Side–Fun Table IdeasMy Profile

  17. I love this. You did a great job coordinating it all together. It looks like such a classy space!
    Tami @ Curb Alert! recently posted..Waterfall Style Antique Chifferobe WardrobeMy Profile

  18. Jeanette says:

    Love it! I would not have guess it was pallets. Great job!
    Jeanette recently posted..Chalkboard Projects on HometalkMy Profile

  19. Sarah says:

    Your styling is superb! I could sit in your side yard all day. :)
    Sarah recently posted..Descent into CraftinessMy Profile

  20. Kacy says:

    This is very random. I’m trying to talk my husband in to one of these and he is hesitant because most pallets aren’t pressure treated. Any thoughts on how long this will last or if it is succeptible to rotting???

    • Liz says:

      Hi Kacy, having the deck up on concrete will help with rotting. We stained ours, and that will help as well. You could also add a sealer on top of the stain to help.
      We plan on taking the pallets into the garage and storing them during the Winter months. I don’t know where you live, but if you are in a cold climate, this will also help with longevity.
      Let us know if you have more questions!

      • Lynn says:

        Do you need the concrete blocks? Do you think we’d be safe just laying a bed of gravel and setting the pallets on too?

        • Doug says:

          Setting the pallets on gravel will work Lynn. I placed them on the concrete blocks for 2 reasons, the terrain where we placed our deck was uneven so it made more sense than bringing in a truck load of gravel and secondly I wanted to keep the bottoms of the pallets off the ground to keep them as dry as I could so the pallets last longer. But if you already have an area that is graveled you can lay them on it.

  21. elisabeth says:

    Wow….this is great. Did you pretreat the wood with anything to protect it from the moisture/elements. I live by the pacific ocean and hope to have this last for at least 5 years….please advise. Thank you.

    • Liz says:

      We did not pretreat the wood prior to staining as our plans are to store the pallets under a tarp during the winter (we normally get 80 -100 inches of snow so the likelihood of the deck getting any use is minimal). But for you location I would advise you to spray all the surfaces with a good quality wood sealer after you have applied what ever choice of finish you choose prior to installing the pallets.


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