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Welcome to our Home!

Sit back, relax, grab a cup of cocoa, a cupcake and enjoy!

 Our Living Room ~ Rustic and Warm

The Main Tree


 With white lights and shiny gold beads, the Main Tree is full of treasured ornaments from years past.

The Mantle

With the fresh green, woodland Santas and a homemade garland, this is my favorite spot in our home! Learn how to make this beautiful garland for yourself.

The Entertainment Center

Our Entertainment Center is an antique tool box, with an antique sled, fresh green and more Santas, it compliments the Mantle.

Vintage Christmas

Another Antique Sled, with some old white ice skates, and old truck filled with fresh green and dried orange slices (left over from the garland).

Fresh Greenery for Centerpieces

Adding some more warmth to the Living Room, I placed fresh greens in a basket next to the fireplace and added some white lights, pinecones, oranges, popcorn and cranberries. And on the coffee table, I added an old quilt (Thanks Susan Branch) and filled a bowl with greenery, candle, dried oranges and cranberries.

 Our Dining Room ~ The Snowman Room

The Snowman Tree

With white lights and crystal beads, the tree is full of snowmen. Many, many years ago, I sewed this set of  Snowman and Snowlady. I think I gave about 20 sets that year. I never kept one for myself. After my Mother-in-law passed away a couple years ago, I received the ones that I had made for her.

The Buffet

Decorated with fresh green and candles, the Buffet is one of my favorite spots. The window above it has a garland and snowman lights.

The Hoosier Cabinet

An antique wooden sled on top of the cabinet and filled with lots of snowmen. It’s nice to decorate with Snowmen, then I can just leave them out through January.

Dining Room Table Centerpiece

I filled a wire sleigh with some of the leftover fresh greenery, wrapped some small boxes and filled a vase (the one I made for Fall) with candy canes. Easy, Simple, Frugal and Beautiful…I love it!

The Game Corner

We love playing games, but it seems like we play more if they are out and visible. I created this little game corner in the Dining Room with some nostaligic items too. Puzzles, an old tractor that belonged to Doug, my old doll carriage that belonged to my Great Aunt and the boys wooden rocking horse. It reminds us all of Christmases from the past.

Our Kitchen ~ Antique Utensils and Cookie Cutters

The Tree

In the Bay Window sits my Tree with Antique Kitchen Utensils and Cookie Cutters. Below it are more utensils, cookie cutters (I love the old red ones) and some salt and pepper shakers.

The Village Cabinet

One of the cabinets holds my Christmas Village, a few more snowmen that I didn’t have room for in the Dining Room and the Christmas sprinkles in pretty jars. The top has an artificial garland with some fresh green added, and some of my tea pots.

Cookie Tree

In another corner, a small tree holds the Cookie Ornaments that I made last year, I think they held up really well.

Our Foyer – Vintage Style

The Vintage Tree


Another one of the treasurers that I received this past summer when my Father-in-law sold the Farm, was my Mother-in-laws Vintage Tree. Here is a sneak peek, I’ll show you more later.

Vintage Corner


The stairs are lit with a garland and stockings. And in the corner, some more of the Vintage toys; my old doll, blocks, tractors. Tinkertoys and Lincoln Logs.

Front Foyer – Winter time

The Winter Tree

More to come with the Winter Tree and Antique Lanterns.

I’m so happy you joined us in our Home!! I hope you enjoy your stay! While you are here, take a look around, you will find yummy desserts, lots of cupcakes and more decorating ideas!

Still to come…my office with the Cupcake Tree, the outside and the upstairs with more trees…yes, more trees, I put 10 trees up this year, plus the outside.

Merry Christmas!




  1. Cathy Hodge Smith says

    For many years I was in the interior design business, mainly as a supplier of custom textiles, leather and custom made upholstery and hand-carved furniture. I had my own showroom to the interior design trade and to architects. The majority of my business was for resorts and hospitality projects, but I also catered to the residential designers as well because I also loved that side of the business. I always loved Christmas decorating and had a grand time of it in my showroom during the holidays. So it is with considerable history and experience that I compliment you on your charming collections and delightful displays. Your home is the type of home that I most enjoy visiting because of the warmth that you radiate. It is easy to be distracted by glitz and the latest trends, but I never tire of the heart warming ambviance of a home like yours. I wish you many blessings for your Christmas holidays and loads of cheer! Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    I love all the vintage touches throughout your home. Everything looks so warm and cozy. My favorite part is that it is a reflection of your personality, your likes, and your collections. Though keeping with trends can be pretty it so often feels so untouchable and boxed. I love how you have decorated your home to reflect who you are and the treasures you have collected over time. I’m sure every piece has a story to tell. Absolutely lovely!

  3. says

    As soon as I saw the word “Hoosier” I had to check out your blog and I am so glad I did, I will be back later when I have more time to visit. I just finished fixing up a hoosier cabinet which my dh and I snagged for free from freecycle, and I just love your hoosier! Your home looks so comfy and welcoming, and your decorations are really, really nice! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  4. says

    I am a snowman collector too. I just love snowmen and decorating with them. I too leave them up through the winter time.

    I love all your decorations – they are just great!! I wish I could decorate with live garland and branches. I am very allergic to all of those. I will have to take some pictures of mine and post – but it wont’ come close to yours.

    Thanks for sharing …
    Lisa Gray recently posted..Cream Cheese Pound CakeMy Profile

  5. says

    Hello, I am blog hopping today and just decided to stop by your blog.

    Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!

    Please feel free to stop by either or both of my blogs and a follow would be much appreciated.

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    Have a very blessed Wednesday!! :0)

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