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How to make a Balloon Wreath

How to make a Balloon Wreath :: Full instructions on

Are you ready for some fun? Some colors to brighten up the dull Winter skies? Well if you answered yes…you are in the right spot! Last year was so much fun with Rainbow Week, we decided to do it again! Stay tuned for fun treats and projects to brighten your day and put a smile […]

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks

St. Patrick's Day Craft: How to make Paper Shamrocks :: Instructions on

Happy Friday my friends! Are you ready for a fun weekend project for St. Patrick’s Day? These Paper Shamrocks are easy enough for the kiddos to help with too! Inspired by the Paper Hearts I made for Valentine’s Day, let me show you how to make Paper Shamrocks! While they are similar to the Valentine’s […]

How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers :: Instructions on

Decorating for Spring is something I look forward to all Winter! Even though I love Summer with the hot weather, somehow Spring always seems to renew how I feel. The house gets a good cleaning, the fresh air and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. After making the Tissue Paper Flowers last year, and loving […]

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Craft: How to make Paper Hearts:: Instructions on

Well the time has come for us to start wrapping up the fun we have had sharing Valentine’s Day ideas with you! I have had a blast creating the Valentine’s Day Crafts this year. I think my favorites are the Paper Hearts, although I do love the 3D Paper Hearts too, it must be that […]

How to make 3D Paper Hearts

How to make 3D Paper Hearts :: Instructions on

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Coming in a close second to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is definitely a favorite. Having all boys in the house, it’s my one time that I get to decorate with pink, buy frilly things and serve a romantic meal. These 3D Paper Hearts are super easy, in fact I might even […]

How to make Kool-Aid Play-Doh

Valentine's Day Classroom Gifts: How to make Kool-Aid Play-Doh :: Recipe on

There are two types of Moms…those that love Play-Doh and those that hate it. I was a Mom that loved it! Yes, I know, it makes a mess and get it in the carpet or on a chair and it’s not too fun. But I still really loved when my boys were little and played […]

Valentine’s Craft: Love Letters

Valentine's Craft: How to make covered Love Letters :: Instructions on

When I was putting ideas together for our Valentine’s Mantel, I knew I wanted some type of letters. Ever since I shared the Spring letters and then the Fall letters, I fell in love with how they look, especially on the Mantel. We decided this time to create the Love Letters with different styles and […]