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When it comes to electronics, you always want what’s new and shiny. That’s why I was excited to hear that Walmart is “rebooting” their electronics department with Project Reboot. With this project, Walmart aims to make shopping for electronics as easy as possible.

Among the many changes to the department they’ve added over a thousand new products. That’s crazy! They’ve done some reevaluating with the old ones as well to make sure they have the latest tech from brands like Apple, Samsung, Beats, GoPro, Microsoft, Fitbit, Ultimate Ears, etc. The department may have added your favorite brand.

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It also looks like Walmart is designing with the customer in mind. They’re changing the layout so that it’s easier to find items that go together by putting them closer to each other. I’m a big fan of the idea of not having to stumble around aimlessly looking for the right wire or accessory.

Do you like to test out products before you buy them? Walmart has that covered as well. They’re adding new interactive displays for laptops, tablets, headphones, videogames, and  Bluetooth speakers. Along with these displays, they’re also adding more televisions to the department. No more asking to see one from the back room!

Charging Kit

One of the new items that I picked up is a Cell Phone Emergency Charging Kit. We keep it in our Survival Kit in the car for that unexpected time that the chargers are all dead, which happens more than I care to admit. It is compatible with most smartphones, comes with a carrying case, battery pack, AC charger, microUSB cable, lightning cable, 30-pin USB cable and moisture dry bag.

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With all of these changes, the newly rebooted electronics department is looking better than ever. It seems to me that Project Reboot is just what the department needed. Before the reboot it was difficult to find certain items without having to ask an employee for help. It’s good to know that I won’t be lost every time I go into that department. The expanded stock is a welcome change as well. Before it used to be that you traded variety of stock for the convenience of being able to shop for non-tech items as well. Most stores should be rebooted already, if not then very soon. Check it out for yourself!


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