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Thanksgiving Cupcakes for the Cupcake Challenge

Welcome to the second week of The Holiday Cupcake Challenge! We will be celebrating the Holidays all month long with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!

Last week we had some amazing entries for the Holiday Flavors Challenge. Remember to head over there and vote, tell your friends, neighbors…blog readers…everyone you know, to vote for your entry!! The winner will receive the 2011 What’s New Cupcake calendar!!  Voting ends on the 16th.

Today our Challenge is Thanksgiving. Last year I made the cutest Thanksgiving Cupcakes with Pilgrim Hats and Cornucopias, they are super easy and fun, so I decided to make a video showing how you can create them for your Thanksgiving celebration too!

Speaking of Thanksgiving…don’t forget about the Virtual Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner going on all week. Yesterday, Shaina shared her Mustard Crusted Turkey and Aimee added her Fruit & Herb Stuffing. Today, Tiffany is cooking up some Apples and Cranberries in a pumpkin. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year!! Stay tuned…the rest of the week we will be adding some yummy recipes too and on Friday, I will be hosting a linky for you to add your Thanksgiving recipe post also!

Just in case you are joining us late, The Holiday Cupcake Challenge runs a little different than the normal Cupcake Tuesday.

Add your link for the Thanksgiving Challenge until November 15th., then when you come back to add your Christmas Cupcake on that day (16th) you can vote for your favorite Thanksgiving Cupcake.

And of course…there is a prize for the winner too!! The winner of the Thanksgiving Challenge, will receive this super cute Cupcake Kit that was donated by Chronicle Books. You may have heard of them…you know, from the Cake Pop lady!! Bakerella! Her book is published by them!

This kit has everything needed for making and decorating dozens of festive cup-sized confections: 14 scrumptious recipes, 250 decorative cup liners in two sizes, a pastry bag, and an assortment of piping tips for creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. {from Chronicle Books}

If you don’t have a Thanksgiving Cupcake to share, please feel free to still add your cupcake for Cupcake Tuesday!

psss…have you heard? I’m going to NYC for the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Holiday Bake-Off!! I’d love a comment on my Twix Bars, it will count toward my entry, and you will be entered to win an amazing giveaway too! Thanks much 🙂

Now, let’s see what you have for the Thanksgiving Challenge! And remember, you can enter your cupcake until next Monday, the 15th. and then on Tuesday, when you add your Christmas Inspired Cupcake, on the 16th., voting will begin for the Thanksgiving Cupcakes. The winners will be chosen by you and your readers. So be sure to let me know!


  1. Did you make all those cakes? I’m amazed at how great they all look. It’s obviously way past Thanksgiving but I just came across your post and enjoyed reading it. We don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK and only hear about it from films and American TV shows. Seems like a great opportunity to get together with family and eat!

  2. I have all the ingredients on my counter ready to make these adorable Pilgrams Hats and Cornucopia Cupcakes! I LOVE your guarantee Liz where if my cupcakes flop, you will send a batch posthaste!! Oh wait! Did I just imagine that? =D *LOL* HaPpY hOlIdAyS!

  3. Can’t wait to bake some cupcakes this weekend! Looking forward to having fun with my 11 yo daughter!

  4. Oh I wish I had time to bake but these days things are nuts around here. I love the pilgrim hats made out of cookies and peanut butter cups! I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and will keep these in mind.

  5. How Fun! The frosting alone made me vote for the Amish Pumpkin cupcakes! I’ll definitly be trying that one, Your Pumpkin Pie cupcakes are ADORABLE. You are a cupcake genius!

  6. Everybody loves those Twix Cookie Bars! Good luck in the challenge!

  7. Totally confused! I think I linked up in the wrong place as my cupcake isn’t specifically for Tgiving, but could be! 🙂

    1. You don’t have to link a Thanksgiving, any cupcake is fine. Thanks for linking up!

  8. What a fun challenge! I’m not competing this time because I’m not cut out for cupcake decorating competitions but I’m happy to watch from the sidelines and vote for my favorites. I just wish everyone would post his/her recipes since I have a hard time judging a cupcake based on a description of its components alone. I think it might help snag some votes if voters are allowed to see the recipe and maybe even try it for themselves. Pretty please take the extra time to post your recipe, especially if it’s something intriguing-sounding like egg nog cupcakes or apple cider cake. Mmmm.

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