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Festive Thanksgiving Garland

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Well, here we are only a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving. I am really excited for Thanksgiving this year! I know…I say that for every holiday, I just LOVE the holidays, and especially all the food I get to cook and bake, and the decorating I get to share…with you!

I made this Garland while I was decorating for Fall, and just never had the opportunity to share it with you. It’s so cute, I didn’t want the season to be gone before I got the chance to share it.

I have a dilemma though, what do I call it? Last night I emailed my blogging friend, Jen, and she suggested…Festive Thanksgiving Garland! We put our heads together and neither of us could remember the “technical” name for it. I know there is a name using torn fabric…rag something…anyone??

Well, whatever we are calling it…it’s fun, easy and frugal to make. Here is what I used…

  • Fabric – various Fall colors and designs from my stash (which is WAY too big)
  • Twine – which I had leftover from my Pinwheel Garland
  • Leaves and Acorns – I found them at Michael’s, they are foam, but you could use any leaf, even cut some from paper
  • Mini Clothes pins – I found these in the office supply section at Walmart and had them leftover from the other garlands

Measure your twine the length you need for your Mantle or other area. Cut LOTS of strips of fabric, I cut mine about 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long. Then just start tieing on the pieces of fabric. After you have them all tied, then take the leaves and/or acorns and clip them on with the clothespins.

I created my Garland with items I had around the house, but even if you have to purchase something, this is a very inexpensive project.

Did you see those cute White Pumpkins? I made those too.

I started with pumpkins that I found at the Dollar Tree, painted them white and then painted the stem black.

Because I don’t have a Silhouette machine {sadly} and because I made them before I received my Silhouette supplies {last day to enter the giveaway}, I made them the “old fashion” way.

I found a font that I liked and simply printed the letters. Then with LOTS of patience and very sharp scissors, I cut them out. Using Mod Podge, I glued them onto the pumpkins and added a piece of fabric to tie together the pumpkins and the Garland.

I think these White Pumpkins would make cute place settings too on your Thanksgiving Table!


  1. It turned out perfectly!!! Love the colors and I really like it very much on such a bright sunny windowsill like you’ve done.

    My Show n Tell is here with the link that follows…I do hope you can find time to visit. click here

  2. I love your garland AND pumpkins. I think I need to make a fall garland with my daughter this weekend. Thanks for linking up to Home and Family Friday.


  3. I love the sparkles!! Now to find a place in the hosue to put it where the baby can’t reach it. He’ll eat anything!!!

  4. This is very nice…wonderful idea and could be used in many place. Good job!

  5. the garland is fabulous!

  6. Very pretty. I think the glittery leaves really set it off.

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