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Spring Mantel: How to decorate

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Decorating our home is one of my favorite things to do. I tend to keep the Living Room more primitive and decorate with country antiques. And I decorate the Dining Room with a little more color and whimsy.

I have decorated our Spring Mantel with lots of different ideas. Last year, I used a little more color but this time, I wanted to keep it more rustic and give it an outdoor feel. So, I thought about what Spring means to me…Birds, Branches, Watering Cans, Birdhouses and Green.

I have created a tutorial for you for the Mantel as well as how to paint the birds eggs that I have in the nest.

Start with the garland and large pieces

  1. I started with the garland. Grapevine rope with some silk ivy cut and tucked in
  2. Then some burlap that I bunched up a little
  3. A galvanized antinque watering can at one end
  4. And some Forsythia branches in Aqua Mason Jars

Add the medium pieces

  1. Next came the medium size pieces, a birdhouse and nest
  2. A treasurerd birdhouse that my Dad made years ago
  3. And a nest that I made from a grapevine wreath {that I took apart}, spanish moss and eggs {tutorial below}
  4. To give it some height, I propped up the back of the holder with a small clay pot

And then small pieces

  1. A small birdhouse tucked behind a white teapot
  2. Then a couple clay pots
  3. The grass from the St. Patrick’s Day Mantel returns and a couple more eggs
  4. And a wooden candle holder that I spray painted white and added a little egg to the top

The eggs were easy to do, but they did take some time. I also realized after painting them, I would have been better to use a solid egg, and not the hinged plastic eggs. But I used what I had on hand, it worked and didn’t cost me anything.

  1. Place opened eggs on a board
  2. Spray with white paint
  3. Then paint with blue or the color of your choice {I used some leftover paint from The Sports Bedroom}
  4. Then spray with Fleck Stone paint {I used plasti-kote brand}
  5. And using an old toothbrush dipped in black paint, flick the paint to make the eggs speckled

After taking the pictures and putting the eggs back together, I did have to paint the seams a little more with blue and spray a little more Fleck Stone on them.

Everything I used were items that I already had, I just went shopping in my own home for them. Think outside the box a little, and don’t be afraid to experiment…even with a little spray paint.

Have you started decorating for Spring?




  1. Your spring mantel turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the rustic look of your mantle. Nice job.

  3. Very inspiring! We have a shop that I love to merchandise but the homefront? Lucky it gets dusted when it does let alone decorated. Maybe this is the push I needed. Thanks!

  4. Personally, I like that you used the hinged eggs. I saw another blog where the whole eggs were used and there were drip marks & such, not as clean on the painting. Plus, the way you did it, you can still use them for hiding cool stuff! 🙂 Love the mantal display, too!

  5. Your mantel is so pretty and definitely springy.

  6. I love it. Rustic decor is always a favorite with me.

  7. Cute, Cute, Cute. I love the way it turned out!!!

    1. Thanks Alison!! I hope the weather gets better quickly, we start baseball next week 🙂

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