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How to make 3D Paper Hearts

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! Coming in a close second to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is definitely a favorite. Having all boys in the house, it’s my one time that I get to decorate with pink, buy frilly things and serve a romantic meal.

These 3D Paper Hearts are super easy, in fact I might even add that you could make them in 5 minutes or less. They are perfect for your Valentine’s Day Decorating, but would also be great on a present or even hanging in a nursery.

The Paper Hearts that I hung on the Valentine’s Day Mantel were so fun, I just had to splurge on some more beautiful scrapbook paper to create these 3D Paper Hearts!

Like I said…they are super easy…let’s get started…

3D Paper Heart Supplies

Step 1

  • Cut out the hearts – you will need 3 hearts for each 3D Heart, any size is fine
  • I used heart die cuts, but you could also trace a cookie cutter or buy them already cut out

Step 2

  • Fold the hearts in half, right sides together

Step 3

  • Using the tape runner or other adhesive, attach 2 hearts together

Step 4

  • Tie a knot in one end of a piece of embroidery floss or other thread
  • Thread on the beads
  • Note: if your twine is small enough to fit through the beads, you don’t need to use a separate thread

Step 5

  • Tape the thread to the inside of the hearts, positioning the beads at the bottom of the heart

Step 6

  • Tie a piece of twine around the thread and tape down
  • Again – if your twine will fit through the beads, there is no need to use an additional piece of thread or floss

Step 7

  • Now use the tape runner again to attach the last heart and you are done

So cute!! And easy…I L-O-V-E easy…don’t you?

3D Paper Hearts inspired by Scrapbook Girl

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  1. These are so sweet! I’m hosting a teacher’s luncheon this Friday at my son’s school and was searching for something easy and Valentine themed for the buffet table…I think I might try your idea! Thanks for sharing!
    If I end up making them, may I link to your blog for credit and tutorial? Have a great day, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, sure that’s find to include credit and link. Thanks!

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