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One of my favorite sayings that I heard my Mom say, alot, was, “if you want something done, have a party.”

Well, I have alot that needs to be done and what perfect timing, because I needed to have a party for my son’s birthday and the holidays are coming.

If you are planning a party or a holiday get-together, here are some tips for getting things done ahead of time.

to do list

5-7 days ahead

~Plan your menu

~Make a grocery list

~Make a list of accessories if needed (plates, napkins, etc)

~Make a list of everything that needs to be done (I’m a big list maker, can you tell? 🙂 )

3-4 days ahead

~Buy groceries

~Prep and pre-cook any ingredients that you can

2-3 days ahead

~Clean oven/stove (I have stainless appliances, I used baby oil to shine them, I just had to share with you how nice the stove came out)


~Clean out frig

~Do any “deep” cleaning that needs to be done, I cleaned finger prints on doors, stairway and walls

~Wash windows, not all of them, but the entry doors really needed it

~Get extra leaves for table and extra chairs

The day before

~Bake the cake, cupcakes or dessert

~Put leaves in table

~Get out serving dishes

~Deep clean bathroom, be sure this room is well stocked and ready for lots of traffic

~Dust and sweep

Holiday or Party Day

~Cook food

~Get plates, etc ready

~Pick up house

~Swish and swipe bathrooms

Another thing that I find helpful, is to make a time-line of when food needs to be done. I start by working backwards. Say you are eating at 5 p.m., then plan your dishes according to how much time they need to cook, write it down and even set a timer if you need to.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Holiday Food Fest! Edible gifts hosted by Cents to Get Debt Free!

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