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Chinese New Year Party Favors

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Chinese New Year Party Favors

One of the favorite Chinese New Year traditions are red gift packets or envelopes of money and trinkets. These easy to make and frugal Chinese New Year Party Favors are a fun way to celebrate. 

Chinese New Year Party Favors

2018 is the Chinese New Year of the Dog, celebrated on February 16th. The dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. Honest and loyal, dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner. A Dog’s most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work. The last Year of the Dog was in 2006.

Here are several interesting Chinese New Year traditions:

  • Fireworks are used to drive away the evil
  • New Year Markets – during the course of the New Year’s days, a temporary market will be set up to sell New Year goods such as clothing, fireworks, decorations, food, etc.
  • Cleaning – a few days before the Chinese New Year, people do a complete house cleaning and housewares which signify to remove the old and welcome the new.
  • Decoration – after the cleaning, people will decorate the house to welcome the New Year.
  • Red Packets – the packet, similar to an envelope with money are given by adults to children in the New Year days.

Today we are sharing a fun version of the Red Packet with our Chinese New Year Party Favors. We decided to keep them general so they can be used year after year. But you can of course, add the Year of the Dog to them if you want.

Let’s gather our supplies…

Supplies for Party Favors

Chinese New Year Party Favors Supplies:

The Chinese New Year Party Favors were also quite frugal too.  Depending on what you fill them with, you can make them for about $.50 cents each. I think they would be super fun at a child’s birthday party as well.

Printables for Chinese New Year Party Favors

Step 1:

  • Print out the Party Favor onto cardstock and cut out. They measure 3 x 5 inches

Glue party favor printables

Step 2:

  • Glue together and use clothespins to hold if necessary

Fill party favors

Step 3:

  • Cut the tissue. I got 4 out of each piece of tissue.

Red tissue for party favors

Step 4:

  • Roll up tissue and slip into tube. Tie up one end with ribbon.

Add treats to party favors

Step 5:

  • Fill with coins and treats

Chinese New Year Party Favors

Step 6:

  • Tie other end. And you are done.

Printables for Chinese New Year Party Favors



  1. Ardis Hendrix says:

    My granddaughter’s 1st birthday is in March and she was born in 2012… I tried to click
    On above website to get the black dragon to make party favors but no luck
    Any ideas where I might find this

    Ardis ( a fellow Hoosier )

    1. Hi Ardis, well it appears that Semi Homemade has taken down their site. I searched around for another printable and did not find anything, however, if you search Google images…http://images.google.com/ – then type in “year of the dragon”, you will see lots of different photos. From there you can either save the photo if it’s free, or purchase one from a site that hosts images.
      Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  2. This is amazing! My step dad is English and we do this a Christmas every year, but usually I’m running to world market are pier 1 and spending a fortune for six little crackers. But this is perfect! I definitively have to try this out.

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