Baseball Themed Graduation Invitations

By June 4, 2012DIY Projects

Yesterday was the big day…Graduation Day! Where in the world has the time gone? As parents going through the sleepless nights when our children our babies, and then some difficult times when they are toddlers,and then sending them off to school, it seems like the time just moves along…and then…in a blink of your eye, they are graduating from High School.

I will share more about Nick’s Graduation and his Baseball Themed Graduation Party a bit later, but for now, I wanted to share with you his invitations. Nick decided he wanted a baseball party instead of the traditional graduation themed party, and we thought it would be fun to create invitations that look like baseball cards. So I asked for a little {lot} of design help from Jessica, our amazing blog designer and she created exactly what we were looking for.

Last week I shared how I prepare for a large party, and every party starts with the invitation. Some are more involved then others, and can get pretty costly. But we just saved ours to a flashdrive and took them to Staples to have them printed.

The regular sized invitations were large and pretty costly at about $2 each, but because we had smaller invites and wanted them to look like baseball cards, the Staples employee was able to put 4 invites on one page, print them on cardstock for only $2.40 per page {double sided}, making them only $.60 cents per invitation. They were cut and ready for us in about an hour and the total cost was $25, much better than the original $80 we were looking to spend.

The invitations have been sent, Graduation Day is done and Sunday we will celebrate with the party. The Baseball Themed Graduation Menu is simple and has lots of fun food you would find at a baseball game.

As I sit here looking at this picture, and trying to hold back the tears, I’m feeling very blessed to have God give me the privilege to be a Mother, to watch all my boys grow into fine young men.


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