Inspiration Sunday: Countdown to Graduation

By May 27, 2012 Featured Posts

It’s been quite awhile since I shared an Inspiration Sunday post. Seems like other topics and life have been getting in the way. As we approach the end of the school year and Nick’s High School Graduation, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the special times we have shared with him over the years, particularly during his Baseball Career.

On Friday night, he played his last game as a LaPorte Slicer. As with most everything in life, when one door shuts, another door opens. Nick will be continuing his baseball career at Franklin College in the Fall. Not only are we super excited to see him play at the next level, we are also looking forward to the great education he will receive.

The next two weeks will be filled with preparation for Graduation, a Party and celebrating with his friends. Since we have a ton to do to get ready for the Graduation Party {and because I’m a list maker}, I thought I would share with you how I plan a large party and prepare for it.

Countdown to Graduation

  • Send invitations: 4-6 weeks prior to party – we were a little late with this, but it’s done. I’ll be sharing the invitation and how we saved money on them
  • Party: Decide what type of party theme {if any} you will have. Nick wanted a Baseball Themed Party instead of Graduation, stay tuned for party decorations and recipes.

Prepare your home: 2-3 weeks prior to party, make a list and start tackling the “large” jobs

    • Power wash house
    • Plant flowers in window boxes and planters
    • Seed the front lawn – did this already
    • Prepare back yard – cut back bushes, clean up around fence
    • Reserve tables, chairs and/or a tent if necessary
    • Work on any indoor projects that need to be finished up – for us…the kitchen island

5-7 days prior

    • Plan your menu
    • Make a grocery list
    • Make a list of accessories if needed (plates, napkins, etc)
    • Make a list of everything that needs to be done

3-4 days prior

    • Buy groceries
    • Prep and pre-cook any ingredients that you can

2-3 days prior

    • Clean out fridge
    • Do any “deep” cleaning that needs to be done, I clean finger prints on doors, stairway and walls
    • Wash windows, not all of them, but the entry doors really need it
    • Get extra leaves for table and extra chairs

The day before

    • Bake the cake, cupcakes or dessert
    • Get out serving dishes and add a sticky note to each dish with the food that will be added
    • Deep clean bathroom, be sure this room is well stocked and ready for lots of traffic
    • Dust and sweep
    • Make a time-line of when food needs to be done. I start by working backwards. Say you are eating at 5 p.m., then plan your dishes according to how much time they need to cook, write it down and even set a timer if you need to.

Party Day

    • Finish cooking food
    • Prepare any serving plates that you can and place in fridge until party time
    • Pick up house
    • Swish and swipe bathrooms
    • Check your time-line and see when food needs to go into oven
    • Relax, have fun and enjoy your guests!

I tried to take pictures at every game this year, sometimes the weather didn’t cooperate, and sometimes I took over 200 shots. This is just a small collection of some of my favorites. Nick was the catcher and played 1st base also. He also led the team in Home Runs, the middle left picture is one of those celebrations at the Home Plate.

But above ALL the accomplishments in Baseball and also Football, we are VERY proud of the man that he has become! He is a loving and caring young man!

And yes…Nick inspires me to work hard for everything, just like he does!

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