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Thanksgiving Kiddie Table

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Thanksgiving is growing near…only 16 more days! Stay tuned tomorrow for a special announcement that will help you get ready for this wonderful holiday! Today though, I have a fun, easy and very frugal Kiddie Table for you. Our boys are all teenagers now, but when they were young we always had fun setting a special table for them. I remember at family dinners when all the kids would sit at a special table, they would laugh, have fun {and sometimes get into trouble} and simply enjoy the holiday.

First I lined the table with craft paper, making it easy for the children to draw or write what they are thankful for. All of the crafts on the table are easy and kid friendly. I used X-ACTO products, be cautious when using them around children.

Let’s gather our supplies and get started…

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cup Supplies

  • Black cups
  • Black cardstock paper
  • Brown scrapbook paper for the belt
  • Gold scrapbook paper for the buckle
  • Glass or mug to use for a circle template

Tools I used…

  • X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Hobby Knife
  • X-ACTO Designer Series 9” Trimmer
  • Elmer’s Craft BOND™ Permanent Dot Runner


  1. Cut out a circle a little larger than the bottom of the cup from the black paper
  2. Cut the bottom out of the cup with the X-ACTO knife
  3. Cut a 1 inch strip of brown paper for the belt, if it doesn’t lay flat, you can curve the edges
  4. Cut a 1 1/2 inch square of gold for the buckle and a 1 inch square of brown for the inside of the buckle
  5. Using the tape runner or glue, attach the belt and buckle to the cup, attach the bottom
  6. Fill with crayons

Turkey Place Setting Supplies:

  • Pine cones
  • Various colors of foam sheets {available at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores}
  • Eyes
Tools I used…
  • X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Hobby Knife
  • X-ACTO Designer Series Metal Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small scissors
  1. Cut a 2 x 3 inch rectangle for each feather
  2. Using the White Translucent Self Healing Mat as a grid, on the 2 inch end, start cutting a curve beginning at the 1 inch mark, repeat on other side to form the feather. Cut very small slits in the edges
  3. Fold each feather in half, lengthwise, and ruffle the slits a bit to give the feather some depth
  4. Cut waddle and beak from foam using small scissors
  5. Glue on eyes, waddle and beak using hot glue gun or other glue
  6. Poke feathers into pinecone
  7. Cut a circle for the place setting and write the names on with Painters

Mayflower Straw Supplies

  • White foam sheet {available at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores}
  • Straws

Tools I used…

  • X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Hobby Knife
  • X-ACTO Designer Series Metal Ruler
  • X-ACTO One Hole Grip Punch
  • Elmer’s Painters


  1. Cut a 2 x 1 1/2 inch rectangle of white foam using the X-ACTO knife
  2. Punch a hole in each end
  3. Feed the straw through the holes

Original Hat & Mayflower idea

What are you thankful for?

As I sit here, on my 50th birthday, I’m thankful for all the blessings we have, our home, health and the ability to share with you what I absolutely LOVE to do!

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For more information on the X-ACTO products I used, visit their website.

Disclosure: I received X-ACTO products to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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