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How to make a Raised Garden Bed Cover

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Here in Northwest Indiana, our growing season is a bit shorter than most parts of the country. So after building the Raised Garden Bed, Doug made a Cover for it so that we could plant our garden earlier and would be protected from the cold weather we have in the Spring and also in the Fall.

We first introduced you to Seeds of Change last week, when we shared the Herb Starter Kit. Now it’s time to share the Raised Garden Bed and how to make the cover.

Let’s gather our supplies…

Raised Garden Bed Cover Supplies:

  • 1″ diameter PVC Rigid Water line – cut 6 – 12 inch pieces
  • 1/2″ PVC Rigid Water Line – 3 – 10 foot sections
  • 12 Clamps – 1 inch steel EMT Conduit Straps
  • Plastic Sheeting – 10 foot width (3.5 mil thickness is a good choice)

First thing is to layout your area for the Raised Garden Bed. {Stay tuned for directions on how to make the Raised Garden Bed}

After the frame of the Raised Garden Bed is complete, install the 1″ PVC pipe at each corner and at the mid point of the longest sides using 1 inch steel EMT Conduit Straps.

Our frame is 4’x8′, we spaced out our supports on 4′ centers to provide adequate support.

To form each arch support insert the 1/2″ PVC Water Pipe into opposing 1″ support pipes.

All 3 arch supports in and ready for plastic.

We attached the plastic along one 8′ side with nails and a thin strip of wood. Cut plastic long enough to have extra to secure  ends. Pull plastic over supports and secure with heavy stones or large pieces of wood to prevent it from blowing off.

You can also add the cover to an existing garden bed, you will just need to dig out the soil where the pipes will need to be placed.

We made this short video to show you how to make the Raised Garden Bed Cover

Now it’s time to plant the seeds…

We received several packets of seeds to try, including these Certified Organic Bilko F-1 Chinese Cabbage. You will want to read the directions on the back of the seed packet, it will tell you how deep to plant the seeds. A simple popsicle stick makes a good marker, then sprinkle in the seeds and cover with soil.

Seeds of Change is the country’s oldest organic seed provider and offers one of the industry’s largest selections of 100% Certified Organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

The Sowing Millions, Growing Minds program will be announced on April 24th at the spring opening of the Edible Gardens at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  Stay tuned for lots of updates on this program, as we will be traveling to Chicago for this fun event at the Zoo, next week!

Learn more about Seeds of Change, follow them on Facebook and Twitter! And watch for the coupons in the March 30th. All You Magazine!

Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation and product for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.

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    • Doug says

      Hi Wanda,

      I’m not sure this particular design will work for the space you described. The issue you are going to run into is that the space is very narrow. Instead of bending the plastic pipe I would try making an angular structure. I’ll work on a solution this week and update the post.

      Thanks for the question I’m sure this will help other individuals as well.


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